1. Charlotte is back on my channel to talk about Soko Glam's Best of K-Beauty!! Use code JOAN10 for 10% off Soko Glam between 12/2/2019 and 1/31/2020. Excludes purchase of sets, gift cards, Then I Met You products and The Little Book of Skincare. Not valid with other promotions or discount codes. One use per customer.

  2. This is off topic but ladies code is coming to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and im gonna see your hubby. Lowkey wish you will come also😘

  3. Hi Joan! Please please make a video regarding top sheet masks for different needs like moisture, cleansing, calming, etc. I can’t seem to find any videos regarding it and you’re the one I trust most when it comes to skin care! Hope you’ll see this! Much love xx

  4. Soooo happy you’re back 💓. You have so much help on my skincare ritual/routine.
    Thank you so much. ☺️

  5. Yaaasss !!!!!
    Seriously our mom in term of internet skincare guru~~ 🖤🖤🖤
    Oh, and btw, I have so much things to ask, about the coconut oil pads, I learned that coconut oil is not good for your skin, some of skincare guru based on US said that it's too heavy for your skin and it might clogged your pores. So I seriously don't know which one is the right facts~ .-.
    And also, the neogen vit C powder, since it's launched I immediately wanted to buy it, but I don't know if it's will be okay if I mixed it with my pyungkang yul essence toner, since vit c is active ingredient so I'm a bit freak out to absurdly mixed them without any professional advice~

    Yo, another giveaway tho~ but, I don't live in US so… good luck for everyone~ 🖤🖤🖤

  6. Love you girls!!! Can you girls please post this video before Black Friday next year?! I always make a HUGE purchase from sokoglam every year on Black Friday for 30% off!

  7. Hi Joan! I'm not sure what chances are of seeing this but I have some questions!

    At what age should you start using anti aging face care? Should we use all anti aging (i.e face cleanser, toner, serum, essence, moisturizer, etc) everyday or is it something to apply every so often? What brands or products would you recommend?

    Maybe even do this as a video to help those in their mid twenties find what to use and like a crash course for us as we are new to it! I'm currently 25 and not sure if I should start using anti aging or not. Please help! 😫

  8. My Friend was trying the Klairs Midnight Blue Calming cream and it’s been helping her reduce her redness a lot! Thank you for these I’ll be sure to check some of them out 😊

  9. I absolutely love the Cosrx pimple patch it saves me every time I need to restock soon. I also want to try that other one Joan showed. LY girls so much! 💜

  10. Hi Joan! The Amazon link for Charlotte's book sends me to something else — not sure if it's just me or if the link is broken, but I wanted you to know! <3

  11. Yey…………………… The internet skincare mom……. Joan is the internet skincare child….. Charlotte cho……. I hope and please than I met you shipping worldwide the important in Indonesia……..
    (Speak in bahasa mbake Charlotte cho tolong dong than I met you bisa di kirim ke Indonesia, karna produkmu itu sangat amat amat sangat bagus sekali, tapi sayangnya produkmu belum bisa dibeli untuk aku gunakan dan dicoba……. Jadi tolong ya produkmu than I met you bisa dibeli di Indonesia, berapapun harganya pasti Aku beli) it's my opinion, I love you joan and Charlotte cho, I love Bts and medihil sheet mask, I'm army and vip too (fan's big bang).

    And once again I hope Charlotte cho and Joan Kim come again in Jakarta Indonesia.
    Love from cilincing, north Jakarta Indonesia

  12. Joan, do something with your hair, in comparison to Charlotte's, yours looks very flat. Try to add some volume, no offence, but you really need volume

  13. The internet skincare mom and the internet skincare daughter, Charlotte cho and Joan Kim.

    First skincare brand I use is mamonde rose water toner and mamonde rose water gel for my moisturizer, dear klairs facial foam, dear klair midnight blue cream, cosrx one step cleansing pad a.k.a original one step cleansing pad and cosrx pimples pads, and I love sheet mask from mediheal, correct if I'm wrong.

    Oh btw
    May I advice for Charlotte cho, I hope than I met you available in Indonesia market, this product it's so good. It's my opinion

    Love you mom and daughter, Charlotte cho and Joan Kim.

    Love from north Jakarta Indonesia

  14. The Benton BHA toner is soooooooo good it help my acne, faded scar and moisture. And the essence is good too. My holy grail.

  15. Hi everyone, please help me do a survey on beauty in Singapore! If you reside in Singapore please help me do. It will only take 10 mins of your time!

    Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeU0nN0jI8QdlzY6SUrLfto4YNkKQdUDKj2ZjiohZTOmtLMZw/viewform it's for my final year project. Thank you!

  16. It is always great to see Ms. Charlotte Cho with Joan on this annual video they do! Love to check out some of the products that I have not used yet. Thank you, thank you for sharing your knowledge again! Both of you are looking fabulous as always! 💕🥰💝👍🏻🙆🏻‍♀️

  17. I still love the cosrx pimple patches despite so many different brands have come out with their own. I still go back to it! Too bad the US hasn’t caught on to this great invention.

    Enjoyed the review and the recommendations. Definitely going to try some of these products out!

  18. Too bad I live in Myanmar so I can't enter the giveaway.😢But still love and support you guys😙Charlotte,your the beauty queen👸👸❤

  19. Love your videos, always interesting! Well done! 🙂 I would love to order from Sokoglam, sadly they still don't ship to Germany… :´-( But strangely, it is not a problem to ship to all neighboring countries around Germany -> Austria, Czech Republic, France, Netherlands, Poland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark.

  20. The midnight blue calming cream saved my skin so many times now, it's my absolute favorite. I discovered it this year and I don't think I can live without it anymore lol

  21. I just started using k-beauty. So far i like soon jung toner. I have not tried the other products i got from Soko glam but i hopeful that it will all work

  22. I've been eyeing to Mamonde Oil to Foam Cleanser for a while since Mamonde came into Sephora few months ago. Knowing it's one of the best, I want to try it asap! 😍

  23. i hope all of these products are vegan and cruelty-free because that's the only kind of skincare that i use

  24. I love all sokoglam products but my top favorite is the then I met you cleansing balm…seriously it's a vacation in a tub..I look fwd to using it when I get home to get the days makeup off..love..cheers

  25. i love Joan but damn she has to stop doing sponsored videos or videos that are lowkey ads. she's all about making money.

    she's loosing the credibility that she already had so little of…

  26. I love the Mamonde oil to foam cleanser after trying a sample from Sokoglam, but when I asked in several stores in Seoul in October, they said it was a discontinued product and I couldn't find it?! Where can you find it in Seoul?

  27. Love love LOVE the COSRX pimple patches. It's the real one; can always count on those pimple patches to be there for you ❤️

  28. YAASSS….budget friendly skincare is my jam! My favorite k-beauty product would be the Acwell licorice toner! I have a fairly normal skin type and rarely get a breakout. But after this toner, (fingers-crossed) I don't see nothing breaking out. Especially when I am doing sweaty groundwork Judo where the other persons' sweat is falling on me… LOL. No BREAKOUTS! I am telling you, its magic.

  29. My favorite is the mamonde oil to foam cleanser!! Easily removes my make up in one step 😄 such a time saver! I’m a mom so this is a winner.

  30. I've never used korean beauty products so I don't have a favorite. I actually don't do any skincare or have never worn makeup either so i really appreciate you for doing this giveaway! Moreover, I really need to start taking care of skin so this was really helpful!! IG: 7luna0613

  31. I started using the Mamonde oil to foam cleanser this year and it’s one of my favorite products. Saves so much time and space when I travel!

  32. Mamonde stores are so pretty in the inside. It's like a garden of skincare products inside. I really love their rose water gel cream. It's so perfect for the summer. But I actually use it year round as my morning/day moisturizer.

  33. Because of the red lipstick Joan looks like Joy of Red Velvet especially when she smiles Hahahaha ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

  34. Can someone help me ㅠㅠ where can I buy Neogen Real Vitamin C Powder in Seoul?? I ve been in Olive young and they dont have it ㅠㅠ

  35. Just wanted to ask what Joan and Charlotte's answer regarding Americans who have questions re: possible lead contents in kbeauty products?

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