💧Reviewing the Top Water Creams + Moisturizers 💧Tatcha, Purito, Kiehl’s & More!

Hey guys! Welcome back to another episode of Beauty Within. It’s your host, Felicia! And it’s your host, Rowena! Today, we’re gonna talk about all things water cream! If you guys haven’t tried water creams, they’re basically moisturizers that have a gel-like consistency. They’re more lightweight than your average like cream or lotion, and some of them have the effect where it does, yes indeed, burst! (Ro: *bursting sfx*) Like, it goes on a certain way (Ro: Yeah) and then it kind of thins out (Ro: Yeah) In a way… Like, as you kind of work it into your skin, you feel the bursts of agua! (Fel: Yes!) And they generally absorb really quickly. So I think a lot of people with oilier skin tend to gravitate towards it, especially in the summer months. But that’s not to say that all of them are formulated the same because some of them, like we’re going to see today, are a little bit thicker in consistency and is more tailored towards drier combo skin. So they do work for all skin types. So the main differentiating point that I’d say with water creams and just general moisturizers is then they’re not greasy (Fel: Yeah) (It) doesn’t leave a film and there is… like there won’t be any residue. If you like, you know, the lightweight fast absorbing (moisturizers), then this is the video for you! 😀 No, but seriously. (Fel and Ro are much laughter) So, how are we gonna do this? We’re gonna start with… kind of the most expensive one and the one that got us into it (Ro: Tatcha) Yeah, Tatcha. And then Rowena will choose and talk about her favorites as well. And then I’ll do mine and so by the end of it (the video), you’ll kind of know the subtle differences between them all. And the differences between pricing as well. (Fel: Yes!) So let’s just jump into Tatcha! Coming in at the top, we have Tatcha’s water cream at $68. (Fel: Okay) So this one I think defines luxury in a way because, one: the packaging. A lot of thought goes into the packaging. It has this attachable, detachable spatula because most of the times there’s other plastic ones just fly away and you never see them again! (Ro: Yeah!) So Tatcha has the Hadasei-3, which is the combination of green tea, rice (and) algae. Algae. Yes. (Ro: Yes) And that’s the top ingredient for any of their products. (Ro: Mhm.) What would you say was your first impression? Where does it sit, now that we’ve used like ten other ones? First impression: “Wow! Never tried any product like this before! It’s the best!” First impression! Same here! (When) using this (Tatcha) again for this video and comparing it to these (other water creams), it does have a very unique texture where it’s this smoothing effect. Do you remember that? (Ro: mhm) It like, first goes on (and) it’s like, “Whoa! I feel like a dolphin actually!” *Ro raughs* And then it bursts into water! So after reading a bunch of reviews, some of you who don’t like dimethicone said that was one of the pitfalls of this cream. So that’s something to consider and the fact that it is like $68. But the texture I think is still in a league of its own. Yeah. (Ro: It is.) I still haven’t found any of the other things (water creams) that have matched that (the texture), but in terms of hydrating… (Ro: it was okay.) I remember using it in the summer a lot. But I feel like for winter, I for sure can’t use that. Maybe that’s another reason too. It got colder… it got drier. So then this didn’t work for me, On top of it being so beautiful that I didn’t want to touch it. (Fel: *laughs*) For oily skin, you can definitely use this all year round. I enjoy it. But I think it’s like, what would stop me from repurchasing is the price. What is your number one dupe for this? I would say this. This is a recent purchase, actually. The Kiehl’s Calendula Serum Infused Water Cream. Although I feel like nothing really compares to that smoothing feeling (from Tatcha), this offers the same kind of after effect…the feeling of it. And why I love this is because the key ingredient is calendula. And they boil down the calendula flower. So it’s actually very concentrated. So it’s actually very concentrated. Bing! (Fel: Bling!) And I really love the smell of it. It is like straight-up calendula. (Ro: *agrees*) So I feel like this is actually a very comparable product to the Tatcha (water cream). If you look at the ingredients the dimethicone is the second ingredient as well. If you read the reviews, it is mixed. Some people say it leaves like a greasier feeling, because there are oils in this. So the oils are the emollients that help to soften the skin. I can totally understand that oily feeling because you don’t need a lot of it Ro: Yeah, you gave me a lot. (Fel: Yeah) I don’t like that feeling when I feel like there’s a film. Like a very thin and light film but there’s a film on my hand. Fel: That’s surprising because like, for your thicker creams like, with the Shea butters… (Ro: Yeah) You would typically use a lot of stuff. (Ro: Yeah but it’s like *slurping* But my skin just like… *slurp*) eats it up. (Ro: Yeah) This is… I still feel it (the texture). So this is designed for like more of the combo (skin types). I wouldn’t say it’s for acne prone or anything because it’s more of a soothing ingredient. The downside of it is that it’s $48 and it’s quite small. I will say that it really helps calm the skin, like redness and flakiness that I get here (cheek area). I don’t know why. All the time! No matter how much I moisturize here! Just go away! It never does but this helps with it. Can you use this winter and summer? Yeah, definitely. It is their highest concentration of calendula. Cause you know how they have the toner? (Ro: mm!) And they also have a sleeping mask! Yeah, so out of all of them (water creams), Yeah, it’s a serum water cream. I like it. Okay, what’s your like, similar dupie? So this one is definitely for dry (and) dehydrated skin. All of our creams are so well loved! Look at that! They’re all down to like, the last thread! (Ro: Bing! Yeah!) I just got two more. So in it, there’s a lot of botanical oils like macadamia, lavender (and) rosemary, which gives it that more like herbal scent. And there’s also ceramides. This has the same… similar effect of the Tatcha (water cream). I wouldn’t say it’s exactly comparable like the burst of water, but there is a bursting effect. It’s just a little more subtle. And for it being $30 at 2.19 ounces, That’s bang for buck. (Ro: It’s a bang for buck.) And I’ve been using this for a looong time. (Fel: You almost get double!) Yeah! Okay, moving on to another one. I think that is kind of like, it’s been talked about for a really long time. It’s OG [original], (and) it’s been around the block for a while. (Ro: Yeah) And you guys would comment, “Belif Aqua Bomb!” in every video that we would talk about dupes or Tatcha. (Fel: Yeah!) And there’s been hundreds of articles written on it. If you go to Olive Young or any of those stores, they have… it’s like (the) number one bestseller in a lot of places. So there’s actually two, right? There’s the Aqua Bomb and then there’s the Moisturizing Bomb. Okay, so the Aqua Bomb for me, I tend to only use in the summer when I want something like super lightweight. Because I feel like with some of the water creams, you put it on and it doesn’t seal in (the moisture) for a long time, right? So I feel like it works perfectly for the hotter months, when there’s already a lot of hydration and sweat coming everywhere But in terms of winter, when it gets a little drier (and) a little bit colder, I tend to not use or reach for this as much. But if you guys haven’t heard of the Belif, they have the Napier’s moisture (formula). It’s like they’re… (Ro: Lady’s mantle) Lady’s mantle! Which is, once again, in all or like most of their products. The scent is quite it’s like the herbal (Ro: Yeah) Straight-up like herbal (Ro: Cause there’s a bunch of apothecary ingredients) Yeah. Yeah, herbs. So the main difference between the Aqua Bomb and then the Moisturizing Bomb is there’s a lot more oils… botanical oils (Fel: In the Moisturizing Bomb) which is what differentiates the two of them. So this is a $38 for 1.7 ounce, which is the same size as the Tatcha but it’s $30 less. So, I would say if you guys want to try something that’s very similar to Tatcha, the Aqua Bomb will probably be the most similar vertical. Cause if this (Tatcha) is for normal to oily (skin), then the Aqua (Bomb) is for normal to oily (skin). And I feel like actually this is a great starting water cream. (Ro: *agrees*) if you guys haven’t tried it, (Ro: Yeah) and you want to understand the texture and how it works like, this is a good one. (Ro: and there’s smaller sizes too.) That’s going to be under $38. So this one is 0.84 ounce. Yeah. So it’ll be a little cheaper. (Fel: Yeah) The K-Beauties. This deep seawater cream is just… It came out…I don’t even know where it came from. But ever since I got this, I’ve gone through three tubes already So this is 60% deep sea water. And what’s so special about deep sea water is that the composition – the molecular composition is very similar to the water molecules I guess, in our bodies so it helps absorb a lot better. And there’s also 2% niacinamide as well as like green caviar, and algae and seaweed, and it’s 100% vegan. In terms of the texture, it doesn’t leave any greasy film. (Ro: No) It’s also much more lightweight than this (Tatcha) and this (Kiehl’s) It doesn’t burst (Fel: Yeah) But when it starts sinking into your skin, you just – your skin feels so refreshed. It’s like, “Ahh!” Do you layer it on? Cause I’m surprised that’s enough for you, since it’s so lightweight (Ro: No) Because one of the biggest things is formulation, right? (Ro: Yeah) Like, the formulation of the ingredients sinking into your skin. So maybe it’s like, even though it’s not thick, it’s still delivering the hydration (Ro: Hydrating) So this is $16 and it is for people with dehydrated (and) oily skin. So you should actually try this (Fel: Yeah) So another brand that we recently discovered is the one called Whamisa Ro: Oh, Whamisa! Okay. So what they specialize in is fermented ingredients. This is the Organic Flowers Water Cream with natto gum Ooh! And…whoa, how would you describe natto? It’s a bean… *Ro shows stretchy texture* that Like what’s the texture? Well, I can talk about the taste. It’s a very acquired taste. Yes, it’s a very acquired taste. And then, it’s just hard to eat because it’s so stringy. (Fel: Yeah!) Yes! (Ro: And then like… it’s everywhere.) Okay. (Ro: Or when you get it, it’s like… *super stringy*) Yes! So you get that with this cream! (Ro: Oh my god! I’m so excited to try!) Oh my gosh. So like, do your normal thing where you’re going like this *viscosity check!* (Ro: Okay) Ro: Just a little. You can take it – Oh my god. (Fel: Okay) *Boing* Wow! (Fel: it has the same like, stringy…) Elastic-y… Dude, it goes far! Wow! (Fel: Consistency as natto gum, right?) Oh my goodness! It’s so crazy because of this fermentation of natto. You know, talking about one-of-a-kind, this is the only water cream that I have tried that gives the moisturizing effect, but it’s not greasy. But you feel like that texture over the face. Ro: It’s protective! (Fel: Yeah!!) Fel: Oh my gosh! I fell in love with this the first time I used it. And you know how normally, the first ingredient is water? (Ro: Mhm) So what they have is rice water and aloe leaf extract. Those are the first two ingredients. And the rest of the ingredients are all like natural plant-based. So they say it’s for combo (skin), it’s for dry (skin), it’s for acne prone (skin), it’s for any (skin type) Yeah, and you can totally understand why because I… It’s definitely moisturizing enough for dry (skin type), I feel like. And there’s no fragrance. Everything that you experience is all natural. In terms of ingredients, it’s got a bunch of oils like apricot, grape seed, carrot seed which is a brightening ingredient, and then it’s got this family of lactobacillus or rice extract. We’ll put them all there. There’s a bunch of them. And it’s all for soothing, anti-inflammatory properties, you know, calming effects and super hydrating. I’m sold! (Fel: It’s so good!) So in terms of price for about 1.6 -1.7 fluid ounce. it is $36. So (it’s) more expensive than Purito but less than these (Tatcha, Kiehl’s, Belif). (Ro: Yeah) When would you use the Kiehl’s and when would you use the Whamisa? If these were both empty right now, what I would buy probably is this one (Whamisa). (Ro: Oh!) Yeah. Because I feel like… yeah (Ro: We have a winner! Ding ding ding!) *Ding dings intensifies* All right, so now moving on to a recent launch, the KraveBeauty Oat So Simple Water Cream! (Ro: Bing!!) Yeah, so we actually did a interview with Liah when this first came out. So if you haven’t checked that out, what you’re doing, son? *LOL* So, how does this work for your drier skin? The thing with this moisturizer (is that) it’s a great base to add things into. Fel: Yes! I feel like if you like layering a lot of stuff, (and) playing scientist on your face, this is great because it’s so simple. It really is so simple. It’s ten ingredients. (Ro: Yeah) And I think Liah really wanted to make that a point. So that it is no-fuss and you can do these things. Ro: And anyone can use this. So this is very lightweight (and) super fast absorbing. And what’s cool about oats is that it’s… yeah, anti-inflammatory. (Ro: Yeah) You can just use oat water to splash on your face if you have any sort of itching or irritation, and I think that’s why she (Liah) also wanted to pick oat as the key ingredient. So for this, I will mix in a pump of Purito’s hyaluronic acid or some oils. Yeah, like a rose hip oil, (or) squalane oil just to boost the emollient (effects) (Ro: Yeah) And like softening… skin softening properties, because if you have super dry skin, something that’s really lightweight isn’t going to trap in moisture. (Ro: No) For over like a few hours, right? (Ro: Yeah) It might be fine as soon as you put it on, but in terms of long-term, (it might not be hydrating enough) So you want to add something in a little bit so that (the moisturizer) gives you the freedom to do that. Whereas (for) other ones, it like mixes in with other ingredients and then you don’t know if it’s going to affect the way that it works on your skin. Another thing is this will be a really great moisturizer for you to dump in the vitamin C powder. So it’s kind of like a simple canvas for your face. (Ro: Mhm) Yeah, it’s gonna help your skin barrier and then you can either choose to paint on it or not! It’s also $28 for… 2.7 fluid ounces. Super affordable! There’s this (Dr. Jart) Biome water cream and this Biome Moisture cream! So this is kind of like the Belif and their Aqua Bomb and the Moisturizing Bomb. (Ro: Yeah) But I would say it’s like this family just works so much better for my skin. Cause I can use a water cream and I could also use a moisture cream. I generally gravitate more towards the moisture cream. (Fel: Yeah) Especially now that it’s colder (Fel: Yeah) But I used this earlier today and it works beautifully. (For) my problematic, kind of oilier skin type, I feel like in terms of texture first, this (Biome Water Cream), as soon as you put it on it’s like splash! It is! Yeah! And splash! It’s like splash zone at Seaworld! Fel: None of the other ones are that instant! Fel: But I was using this over the course of like one week consecutively, and I felt like it wasn’t enough I actually started flaking in those areas that I flake. (Ro: wow!) I had to put another moisturizer on top of it. So I’m gonna go back to that definitely in the summer, but in terms of like active ingredients, they have this whole innovative like, you know, the microbiome of your skin and gut. (Ro: Yeah!) They somehow formulated this biome technology into this (Ro: Yeah!) It’s so crazy! It’s in both of these. (Fel: Yeah) So would you say… Dr. Jart water cream would be the same as the Belif and the Krave? I think in the ingredients here, there’s something more like protected… like that… not film but like that layer on top. (Ro: Mhm) It keeps the moisture underneath a little bit better. But yeah, I would say it’s very similar to the Oat (So Simple) So in this cream, there’s 80% of the Jart biome probiotic ferment. (Fel: Mm) There’s also 1% triple hyaluronic acid, so it’s like the different molecular weights. And also 1% prebiotics. (Fel: Mmm) So it’s like, probiotic (and) prebiotic for your gut but it’s also for your face! I wonder what that’s from. Just think of a yogurt What a yogurt does where your body this does for the face! But then yeah, this one (Whamisa) is like soybean. So it’s a little bit different. So the difference between the water cream and the moisture cream (is) the moisture cream has 65% of that Jart biome and 0.1% of the probiotics so it’s a little less compared to this, but there’s a lot more creams, Yeah, like shea butter (and) oils. And both of them have niacinamide. Okay, so this is the Bliss Watermelon Jelly hydrator, This is what Tarte Drink of H20 Hydrating Boost. Okay, so you used that one recently. (Ro: Yes) It’s just okay. This reminds me of the Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Cream, which we don’t have here because we couldn’t find (it) But we’ll talk about it now with this as well (Fel: Yeah) So the main – the active ingredient is hyaluronic acid and it is very hydrating and it’s very lightweight. This is $38 for… 1.7 (fluid ounces). Peter Thomas Roth has 30% hyaluronic acid and three molecular sizes That is $35 from 1.7. Ounce. I feel like for these products, might as well go for something that’s very clean and reliable and soothing, like the Krave And adding a pump of hyaluronic acid. So I find that this texture is very similar to the Kiehl’s. Maybe because the dimethicone is so far up, but then it’s also pretty high up for the Tatcha, but that one doesn’t feel like this. It really comes out to formulation So this one not gonna lie, (I) only tried this like once when it first came in the thing… this is the Bliss Water Jelly Hydrator What A Melon, *sings* watermelon, watermelon, what a mighty watermelon… No, you know, *sings* watermelon, watermelon, watermelon…. *Tom Rosenthal’s Watermelon Song* *Fel and Ro LOLS* Okay! It’s actually not that strong of a smell although it’s quite a strong of a color *Fel laughs* I think (it smells) when it’s so close to your face though. It’s a pleasant summery scent but (it’s) definitely for the summer. What I would say with this one, we don’t gravitate towards this, (Ro: yeah) But I think once again, if you’re just getting into it (skincare), if you’re in your teens, if you have super oily skin… And you know skincare is fun, and I think that’s what they also tried to emulate because the packaging and everything (Ro: Yeah) Like, it is kind of that type of water cream. If you’re, Not to say that you’re not serious about skincare, but if you look more into these science and all that stuff, then this probably isn’t for you. Maybe something like these (are more appropriate). So this one is $20. Also, Bliss is like those cruelty-free, very aware of all the you know, things (ingredients) that we don’t like (Ro: what they’re doing) To be fair for that price $20, I would recommend…. *Purito* For the $16. (Fel: That’s true.) This (Purito) is more for no-frills. (Ro: Yeah) And then we have I’m From! Last one! (Ro: Yeah!) Vitamin Tree Water Gel. 60% vitamin tree. (Fel: Yeah) And this is 2.6 ounces. So it’s a lot. What is vitamin tree? Sea buckthorn. (Fel: Oh!) It’s a very refreshing texture. (Fel: Oh, it’s very light) Yeah, definitely would not wear this in the winter! Or you can layer this. This would be good under sunscreen. Because when you put sunscreen on, it can sometimes be like… You know, it has a layer on your face? (Ro: Yeah) So if you want something lightweight to layer on, I think these lighter weight ones do really well. (Ro: Yeah) Because it is gel (texture), it’s more similar to the Tarte and the Dr. Jart. (Fel: Yeah) And the calendula. Cause they’re all more like this. (Ro: Yeah) So that is our water cream video. I actually just said the whole thing in my head like the woodchuck version. *Fel LOLs* Like…it’s time to go to bed. So if you have your favorite water creams, leave it (a comment) below. Sharing is caring! Let us know what your favorite water creams are (Fel: or if you tried them) Yeah, or if you’ve tried these and if you share the same thoughts and feelings. Feelings are always good! We have lots of them! and we’ll see you in the next episode! Bye!


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    All the others are #Terrible. From fragrance to essential oils and, lastly Ascorbic Palmitate.

    I truly love you two, however, I wish you would give more attention to the ingredients that can cause harm to the skin.

    If I am to trust trust your recommendations (which I ought to as you're a "skin care" channel) please, #PLEASE find products that are genuinely VERY good.

    Sorry if I appear negative, I just care about my skin. xxx

  39. Rowena!!! I haven’t seen you in forever ♾ Amazing video I can’t wait to try some of your recommendations because skin is dry ❌💦lol

  40. Ooo thanks for reviewing Tatcha and giving a good dupe for it too! I love to look at Tatcha but it is just SOO expensive for me!

  41. You're missing out big time if you haven't used La Mer's Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream. The updated formula is so light but unlike most other water creams, this one ACTUALLY leaves you feeling and looking hydrated.

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