3 Easy & Delicious Recipes for CLEAR SKIN | What to Avoid + Healthy Skin Tips

This is how you lose a finger. How low can you go ~ Hey guys, welcome back! It’s your cooking hosts… Cooking Mamas! Rowena and Felicia! We thought it’d be really cool to show you guys our go-to recipes for healthy, glowing skin. Because we know by now that it all really starts from the inside. Yeah, hence Beauty (Both: Within). And the certain nutrients that we get from vegetables and certain meats and tofu, they’re all high in vitamins, minerals, [and] nutrients needed to give us that truly lit-from-within glow. Because you can tell a person who looks after themself eats the right food. It will show on the surface because our skin is a mirror to our insides. And another thing with all of these fruits and veggies, is that they’re very very high in fibers. (Fel: Yes.) So it helps with the gut to help get things circulating, to help get things flowing and grooving. So that when this [gut] is clear and clean, this [skin] will be clear and clean. So what are you cooking today? Today, we’re gonna make a soup. Like my vegetable homey – This is my go-to when I just need to stock up on vegetables. And I’m gonna also make a leek, zucchini, and sriracha tofu. (Fel: Mmmm.) I guess it’s a side dish or a main dish where you can pair it with quinoa, rice, noodles, anything. And then we’re gonna add kimchi to that. For me, I really love salmon. Because salmon has a lot of omega-3s, which is a really essential fatty acid that helps with collagen. And it helps with retaining good, healthy skin for anyone. So I’m gonna show you my go-to salmon recipe. Super easy, and I like using it with a bit of dill. And then I’m also gonna roast some roast vegetables – sweet potato and zucchini. So it’s super simple [and] super easy. I think any of you guys can follow along. And with that, thank you so much to Cristel for sponsoring this video! We’re gonna be cooking all of our dishes in their pots. They’re stainless steel pots, as well as this one non-stick one. And…(Fel: For my salmon.) Yes! And what’s really cool is you actually don’t need to use any oil to cook on these pots and pans, especially for meats and for salmon. It helps retain nutrients, and it helps retain the flavor. If anything, it really brings out the natural flavor of the meats from the ones that I tried when I was home. (Fel: Yeah.) ‘Cause with salmon, the last thing you want is for it to stick on a pan and then it’s (Ro: It flakes.) all flaking everywhere. So anyway, we’re gonna show you how we do this all. So let’s get cookin’! Cooking mama. All right! So for the soup, we’re gonna start with chopping the onions. Get that! Get that onion juice! There’s something so satisfying about peeling vegetables. *CHOP CHOP* Puhtatoes [Potatoes]. Wait, does that need to be peeled? I mean, I don’t mind my fruits with peel, but – That’s a vegetable. Okay, I don’t mind my vegetable or fruits! But skin’s good. Skin is great. Skin is fiber. Okay, just keep the skin. We’re all about ‘au naturale’. They said the the russet potatoes are more starchy, so it’s really good for mashing and baking. And then this one is good for boiling. Cuhrrots [Carrots]. My three perfect cuhrrots. *Marvel fan here* Wolverine. So is this for one serving? This is for a family. That’s a whole onion. *BING BING* Yeah yeah yeah. You’re supposed to go like this. We are in no way professional choppers! And then you just (Ro: Pruut it all together.) *BING* It’s like cutting an avo. Wow, you cut that in the most interesting way. Yeah, like an avocado. Well, you go one like this. One like this ~ That’s that! There’s also a corn. Ooh! There’s also a really good… Oh, muscles! ahhh! *Olympics ft. Corn* Do not try this at home, folks! Aaand kale! Sauté onions first. Add in the carrots. Put in the stock that – Did you get the stock? *No. She did not get the stock.* *STOCK HERE* Once that is nice and fragrant, you add in the stock. It can be chicken, vegetable. Whatever, you know, stock you want. Or it can even be water. And then once you bring this to boil again, add in the potatoes. And then once all of this boils, add in the vegetable. So the tomato, corn, and the kale. Because the vegetables cook the quickest. And if you have frozen tofu or any sort of protein that you want to add after, you can do that. Yeah. Little tip: never use the same chopping board for vegetables and fruits and meat. If that’s not clear enough for anyone who’s just getting into cooking. Do you like to peel your zucchinis? No, zucchini skin on! (Ro: Okay.) I think anyone who peels zucchini is like a psychopath. That is not normal. You can always tell a psychopath If they peel their zucchini in the way that they cook like Hannibal Lecter. “Charles, I’m gonna need a bowl, please.” “While you’re at it, please bring me a bell.” So satisfying! Look at it! It’s kind of like the lifespan of a tree. The lifespan of a leek. Have you played Overcooked? No, I played Cooking Mama and Fruit Ninja. I like how you’re cutting these into four. How – How meditative it is for you to peel? Obviously chefs know what they’re doing. [They know] the most efficient way to cut. But when you’re at home, it’s like safety first! We’re almost there guys. 10 Years Later. (Fel: Cue Spongebob.) “20 Years Later” *UHHH…* Cutting into these tofus is so satisfying. Oh my god! By the way, this is sriracha tofu. Yes, from Trader Joe’s. (Fel: Trader Joe’s.) This is my GO-TO recipe. You’ve made it for the five years that I’ve known you. Yeah! Oh god! (Fel: Nice.) And you can eat these! (Fel: Yeah.) Straight out of the packaging. [For] this one, we’re gonna do leek first. Maybe the zucchini. The tofu just needs to be heated up. And then we’re gonna add kimchi. This is just normal kimchi? That I brought over from LA. By plane. By freight. (Ro: Yes!) By air. Oh yeah! And then the quinoa. So this is the white and black quinoa. Multi-grain. Think the red too. My turn! “Charles!” (Ro: “Yes?”) Okay, so this is two sweet potatoes that I’m going to slice. *Slicing struggles* Don’t do this at home, kids. Cook with parental guidance. So I’m just gonna make them long so they lie down flat like a chip, and I’m gonna keep the skin on. Because when it bakes, it’s actually quite deliciosa. I think a lot of nutrients’ in the skin for a lot of fruits and veggies. (Fel: Yes!) Like apurs [apples]. So they’re quite thickish because they actually shrink in the oven. Sweet potatoes are great because… They’re high in fiber, (Fel: Yeah.) vitamins, minerals, and they’re also high in antioxidants. Just a little bit of oil. Fresh cracked pepper is just something else. Himalayan salt. And actually Himalayan salt has much more nutritional properties than just table salt. So you want to make sure it’s all kind of coated. So here are the sliced sweet potatoes. “Charles, where are you?” (Ro: There’s like Sriracha -) “Put this in the oven!” Wait, it’s preheating! Okay, preheating. “Don’t get into the soup with me, Charles.” So for these [zucchini and sweet potato], we’re gonna sauté them on the pan. And then we’re just gonna cut it the same way as Rowena did. And the benefits for all of the vegetables is just they’re all high in minerals, vitamins, [and] antioxidants. (Fel: Yes.) Honestly, you need or you really want to incorporate actual vegetables in the diet. (Ro: Whole food.) You know, ’cause some people just want to take supplements. And they’re like, “Oh, that’s enough.” But those supplements do nothing if you don’t have anything to supplement. You know what I mean? You actually have to have something. “What are you doing, Charles?” Ohh, efficiency. Yeah, bruh. I’m all about efficiency here. Okaay, and then I’m just gonna cut the sweet potato kind of the same. Cut them a little smaller so they cook faster. *CUT CUT* So I’m putting this in the oven at 350 degrees. [I don’t really know how long, but maybe 25 minutes. And you can kind of tell ’cause they’ll get kind of crispy and shriveled. So all of these pots are done heating. This one is gonna be for the quinoa. Gonna wait for it to boil. I’m just gonna get a little bit of oil. Again, since I’m not a pro. *DRIZZLE* ‘Cause you’d have to time it precisely right. [I’m] just gonna snack while you cook. *Look at those handles though* Yo, those are funky handles! Dude, it – they’re so awesome! ‘Cause you don’t – it doesn’t get in the way. This half an onion for the soup, we’re gonna put it in here. (Fel: Sizzle!) Let it sizzle. And then the leeks, we’re gonna put it in here. Yeah! One of the best smells in life is cooked onions. Dude, I actually have an irrational fear of the fire alarm going off. When we lived together, I think the fire alarm was – It’s this woman. Yeah! “Fire.” While we’re like *Fire shoo shoo* What was your dietary preference like before when we lived together? Oh my god! I just had spaghetti and sandwiches for dinner. Cheese Cheese Cheese Cheese! (Fel: I loved my carbs.) Yeah, cheese. Vegetables were an afterthought. Although I really do love broccoli and cauliflower. But I never really would venture into kale. I would never do leek ’cause I never knew what to do with it. And it was more about: tasty, efficient, fast! (Ro: Yeah.) Because you come home and you’re like, “Just feed me whatever.” But now over the years because I found out that my skin is so reactive to the foods that I eat. Have you found your skin happier? Yeah, for sure! Because when you go out, there’s so many preservatives. There’s so much sodium. There’s so many bad oils. They use the cheapest oils to cook takeout food. Mmmm, starting to – The fragrance (Fel: Smells so good!) So while this is cooking, this stainless steel pan is actually a game-changer. And it’s made from France with the highest quality. And it’s because of the thermal diffusing base that allows us to skip out on things like butters and oils, especially for meats. But because we’re kind of noobs when it comes to cooking, we just used a little dash for our vegemables. And because of this technology and its innovation, as well as how high-quality these pots and pans are, it has allowed it to win a lot of awards within the industry. And if you guys are in the market for some pots and pans, you can use our code ‘BWITHIN20′ to get 20% off of these Cristel beautiful stainless steel cookware. Wait. So you’re cooking these until they’re soft or? (Ro: Yeah.) Okay, you’re wat- agua is bubblé away. So this is two cups of water to one cup of quinoa. Yeah. Bring it to boil and then put it on low. To let it really soften up. Here. Let it snow! So that’s just simmering. Starting to. My puhtatoes! (Ro: Cooking complete!) Puhtatoes are done! (Both: Oooooh!) That looks so good. See? They’ve shriveled a little. They get a little smaller there. So that was 25 minutes. All right, so I’m just going to flip it, so that both sides are nice and crispyyy. So these are soft, and I want it crispy. So they’re gonna stay in there for another 20 minutes. Goodbye. Blink. For these, I think that’s nice and – Ooh they have some golden color on them. So this one we can add in the carrots. Adding in stock of choice. Oooooh! Water now. *COOKING WATERFALL* Let’s just put in the zucchini. We went ham with the zucchs. So this recipe, she’s had for ages. But have you always eaten clean? Your mom used to be vegetarian. Yeah, I grew up vegetarian until I was nine. Maybe that’s why your bones are so – Maybe. But I was fat! I was a fat baby! (Fel: Oh my god! You were!) Oh we’ll put up photos, and we’ll show you guys. Michelin baby. Yeah. Very healthy vegetarian baby. Was there a shock to the system when you started eating meat? No, ’cause I think I slowly started incorporating. It was first eggs and then chicken and then well done meats. So I think college was my darkest times when it came to food. That was when Instagram started coming up and the instagram models. Like you sit like this on the beach. *Models in the house* So long story short, I put myself on a bunch of random diets. I’ve probably messed up my gut lining because I just – I went 80% raw, which is – I just ate most things uncooked like vegetables and fruits. Yeah, that’s actually terrible for the balance (Fel: of body.) My period stopped coming for a year. My weight fluctuated a lot. ‘Cause okay. When you’re in college, there’s events. I would extreme diet before and just binge when I’m there. (Fel: And not eat, yeah.) Yeah, and then I think that just makes your weight shoot up and down really quickly. It’s like knowing now, it’s like, “That was so bad for me!” It’s like torturing yourself. Yeah, torturing your body. (Ro: Just actually, yeah.) I used to have this calendar where I put everything that I eat, and then I downloaded apps to count calories. (Ro: Yeah!) Counting calories, limiting intake, [and] stressing over food. I’m like, “Oh my god! I had one piece of sushi too much. Gotta take that out of tomorrow’s calorie!” But honestly, it’s all about balance. Intuitive eating in a nutshell: eating what you want, eating when you’re hungry, stopping when you’re full. Very simple. No dieting, no counting calories, no restriction, no… anything. As long as you get your vegetables [and] a little bit of carbs to give you energy. Carbs aren’t bad because your body needs it. (Ro: Dude, I thought rice was the devil.) The devil. Yeah, but it’s not. But it’s the best thing. Yeah. And white bread. It’s not terrible. Just don’t have a lot, right? Or switch to whole wheat. I think whole grain, whole foods. (Fel: Yeah.) Things that come from the earth are – are good. Because even if you look at Japanese people, they eat rice every day, and they’re so skinny. They’re not skinny. They’re healthy. They live the longest. They have good skin. So it’s not saying, you know. You just have to find what works for you. Add kale! And just let it simmer. And then… yay! Ready to serve. Quinoa is done! *DING* Take it off the heat. Quinoa’s ready! Tofu zucchinis ready! And then that can just boil away, right? (Ro: The soup is just gonna -) Yeah. I just let it simmer and get the flavor out. Alright! Moving on to salmon. So this is four fillets. I’m gonna take a paper towel because you know how there’s juice with the salmon. When you want it crispy, you just want to make sure the salmon is nice and dry ’cause that helps with it. I like to saltify it ’cause it helps with the crisping up of the skin. On this side. Put a little bit of pepper, as well. Okay, so this is like medium-high heat. And then I’m gonna start with the skin side first! Oh yeah! (Ro: Ooooh.) And I’m using fingers ’cause [I’m] boss like that. Yeah, so usually you can put a tad bit of olive oil or butter. But for this pan, you don’t really need to. It’s about five minutes on each side, and you just let that do its thing! So the cool thing about salmon is that there’s something called astaxanthin in there and the beta keratins that give it that pink color. So it’s full of nutrients, full of essential fatty acids, especially omega-3, which is really good for plump, youthful skin. Because you know how no one wants dehydrated skin, right? And our skin already has natural oils in it, so eating things like omega-3 in the salmon is perfect for restoring that. It’s an anti-aging fish! So we have the zucchini and the sweet potato. And the cool thing is we’re gonna start here, and we’re gonna end in the oven. You can also do that for salmon, but, you know, it’s kind of like steak. You can pan sear it and then put it in the oven. Yummy Yummy! I’m gonna cook the zucchini and the sweet potatoes. Isn’t it an Asian thing that we tend to be more iron deficient? Have you heard that before? (Fel: No.) I think I definitely was/am. So there will be days where I will crave beef. I actually don’t eat a lot of red meat. But every once in a while, my body would just be like, “I need.” And I will give. But on a day-to-day basis, I don’t eat that much red meat. It’s most – (Fel: That’s true.) It’s mostly vegetables and tofu. I love chicken. Chicken’s meh for me. (Fel: Chicken and egg.) Let me check on the skin. Ooooh! Looking good~ (Ro: See? It just came right off!) Should we take that out? We can, yeah. *SIZZLE* *Brink* Yeeah! It’s cooking up really fast! (Fel: Mmhmm.) Okay, what’s something you couldn’t live without, in terms of food. ‘Cause for me that’s egg. ‘Cause it’s in baking. It’s in… savory. It’s in everything. And if you guys know me from the past, this would be [a] really weird, different answer. [But] I think it’s rice. It is a staple. ‘Cause I grew up thinking it’s the worst thing ever. Yeah, but it’s not. If anything, depriving yourself of carbs – healthy carbs is what makes you binge more. Or at least for me [I] think it’s the same with skincare, you know? A lot of ingredients are the “worst” and they’re “terrible”, which some are. But then some are more – They’re not as bad. I think the same with food. Okay, and then it’s softening. And then I’m gonna add the zucchini. Is that a good mix of half? And then finish this in the oven. All right, so depending on how you like your salmon – If it’s cooked right, it would just flake away. I kind of like it a little more on the cooked side. ‘Cause when it’s not, it’s a little fishy. “Come back, Charles.” “Charles is back.” Okay, so I preheated the oven again, and we’re just gonna finish the vegetables off a little bit in the oven ’cause it makes it soft. So I’m gonna put this whole thing in the oven to just finish off. *BINK* *BING* And then the salmon is pretty much done at this point. Super easy. I feel like if you don’t know how to cook, it’s one of the easiest things to cook. It’s not like chicken where you can actually die from salmonella. Where you undercook it. (Ro: Yeah.) Oh my god, that looks so good. No oils used. No oils used. *Woo* *Woo* I’m just gonna cut the lemon wedges first to squeeze over. Yeeeee! (Fel: Yaaaay!) So now they’re just nice and sofutu [soft]. So we’re gonna put this in the bowl, and then we’ll serve the salmon on top – famary [family] style! (Ro: Yeaaah!) A bite for everyone. And then I’m just adding a little bit of garlic powder ’cause we finally found it. It’s the four best friends. You just put some lemon on them for garnishing. And then wait! Wait a second! Dill. Oh my god! It’s like the best smelling herb. In Australia, we – we say the ‘h’ so it’s ‘h’erbs. Sprinkle it over. *Classic Fel Entertainment* *Screams of joy* Yaaay! Oh my god, it looks so good. We did it! (Ro: Yes!) We’ve both grown to learn that food should be a bonding, happy, fun thing that you share with. (Fel: Yeah.) So food should be more of like a happy, bonding thing and less of a stressful, dark, sad thing. ‘Cause I think we both came from there. (Fel: Yeaah.) And I’m sure a lot of us are going through something or have probably experienced something similar. As with everything that we talked about. With skincare, with diet, [and] with food, really just listen to our bodies and feed yourself. Feed your skin what it craves [and] what it needs. So we’re going to have a romantic dinner in our romantic kitchen! (Ro: Oh yes.) This is also amateur’s fine-dining [and] plating. Don’t break a neck. *BOOM* Nice! Squeeze the lemon. (Ro: Drizzle Drizzle Drizzle) Squeeze the lemon. Here. This one here. I like how we just alternated. Ohh, you know what? A chip on the top? Ai yaaah! Is this conquering America or something? Leek and fennel. So we have some probiotics. We have (Ro: Zucchini.) Zucchini [and] tofu. Cheers! *DING* Mmmmmm! So if you guys are loving our recipes and you want to try it out and you’re also curious about these pots and pans, make sure you use our code ‘BWITHIN20’ for 20% off. Because it’s the jam! And it works for people with any skill of cooking. And very similar to the bracelets and the necklaces that we made, we’re all about reconnecting with our roots [and] reconnecting with traditional cultures. We’re learning about traditional cultures and bridging that – (Fel: Our own culture.) Yeah! Bridging that with our daily life or a modern living. And I feel like brands like Cristel really harnesses family values. It has a strong heritage, and it is one of the best cookware (Fel: Yeah!) globally. And it’s like because when you cook, it is with family. So it kind of ties into that whole loving theme. (Ro: Yeaaah.) You know how [for] a lot of pots and pans, the – the things stick out? So little kids. If they’re running around, things can splash onto them? (Fel: Yeah.) So because [they have] none of these, it’s all extendable or detachable. That’s the coolest thing! Because normally, (Ro: Innovation.) it emits (Ro: Functionality.) Yeaah. Ooh, and another thing is they all stack. All of these can stack into each other so it’s really great for minimal spaces. 70% of the waste generated by the brand is recycled. And 100% of their energy is from renewable sources. All their products have a lifetime warranty. So it might sound like we’re selling it really hard, but they’re just really superior products. Yes! Because honestly, when you cook and you’re not that great of cooking, you just want stuff that works (Ro: Yeah!) Just like skin care, you just want it to work. (Ro: And the thing is,) don’t you feel the natural flavors of the salmon is really – even vegetables? (Fel: Yes, you can taste everything!) You can taste all the natural flavors. So with that, thank you so much for watching! And we’ll see you in the next one! 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