B-TOX SENSITIVE Skin care Face Peel KOREAN SKIN CARE Natural Kaos

this, like, reminds me of dirty water
at the stables I’m like eating it okay I’m going very challenged I do it
backwards these are like such a nightmare okay so once you can kind of
get we’ve gotta I don’t understand why thank goodness hey guys I’m Kim and this is natural
Kaos and I’m trying a new peel today a new acid feel that I’ve never tried
before it’s from Korea it’s called a match
again beat ox peel the instructions are somewhat
written in English but still they’re a little bit there’s some stuff lost in
translation but I think we’re gonna be able to figure this out I have no idea
how this is going to compare to TCA I assume it’s not going to be nearly the
same degree of penetration only because it talks about dealing in the epidermis
so I thought this be talk spiel would be awesome it talks a lot about helping
people with acne and people who have overactive like oily and sebum skin I
don’t have that issue but it also talks about brightening the skin and helping
with anti aging so that helps me hopefully so here we go you get this kit
and it has a bunch of different ampoules in it and I removed them ones that we’re
going to be using today and basically what you do is you take the beat ox peel
powder and you mix it with the beat ox peel solution and in the instructions it
actually talks about ways to like make it less aggressive or more aggressive
I’m just going to mix these two things together and just like make it the whole
way it was supposed to be originally and we’ll just see like what happens and I
have my egg like my egg holder I really like it for being able to mix up
different things and having ampoules like organized so that’s how we’re gonna
do it I’m going to first clean my skin off I’m gonna use witch hazel also to
make sure I’m fully degreased because you need to make sure your degrease when
you’re dealing with acids because you want the best and the even penetration
possible and then we’ll mix our products up and we’ll apply it on our face
all right my skin is cleaned I’m wiped down with witch hazel and I’m ready to
make this up I’ve been looking at the instructions it’s kind of confusing one
thing says to kind of like a simply measure out a certain amount but it
doesn’t really give you the amount and then none of the amounts correlate to
what’s in the bottles so I’m going to be doing this totally wrong but I’m just
gonna mix all of my be.talk solution with my beat ox powder and you’re just
gonna see what happens cuz I just cannot figure out what it wants me to do based
on the instructions so here is our beat ox solution opened and open up our detox
powder I’m going to dump it in it looks like ash yeah I don’t know
smells like kind of like ground-up graph here is our solution I’m gonna overflow
okay so I did just a little bit shy of the full thing and just mixing it up and
then we’re gonna put it on this is either a joke or it’s gonna be legit or
it’s maybe a total yeah it looks like muddy dirty water I’m going to put it on
and then I’m going to put on this like damp sheet mask there’s nothing on it
and then I’m gonna layer my silicone mask on top of that this did not come
with the kit neither did my silicone mask I have those but in the
instructions it says that for the 10 to 15 minutes you keep this on your face
they want you to layer on like a gauze mask or something I just happened to
have like to make your own sheet mask kit that I never opened up and basically
they look like this like little like compressed sheet masks so basically
that’s what this guy is I will link everything below but basically I just
added some water to him and he grew into a mask that I’m going to layer on top of
this acid this be talk spiel okay here we go it’s like the stuff is gonna go
everywhere it doesn’t feel like anything but we
don’t want it going in our eyes so be careful of that it’s very very runny so
if you are able to lay down and have somebody brush this on your face that
might be nice of course here I do it all myself not all the filming anymore
luckily but all the applications okay so far this is like a huge disappointment I don’t feel anything from this but things
don’t have to always hurt to be effective a lot of times when they do
hurt it does mean not going to be effective but doesn’t always have to be
I guess I’m just gonna continue kind of trying to layer this on as it kind of
like dries it’s always a good idea when you’re doing acids and anything that
could like cause a difference in your skin to make sure that you go underneath and around your jawline the last thing
you want is like a really harsh line somewhere so just make sure that you
brush it underneath too you don’t want like some harsh
demarcation line right at your chin I want it to go in the eyes this just like
reminds me of dirty water at the stables is what this feels like it smells like
it’s like grass some horses in their water all right I think that’s the best
I’m gonna be able to do now we’re gonna layer on our masks see you know what I
feel like I’m going to dip this in my stuff I’m gonna I’m gonna go totally off
script from what it wants me to do and I’m gonna like put more on this sheet
mask I’m basically gonna make this sheet mask have more stuff in it because I
just don’t think that I was able to get very much on and then we’ll really know
what’s going on now that’s been fully saturated I’m like eating it okay okay and then
we’re gonna put our great handy silicone sheet mask holder on I’m going very challenged okay we’ll be
back in 15 minutes and
it’s time to remove this crazy mess of I don’t even know what if you’re super
sensitive I’m just going to tell you you’re not this could be a really good
thing for you like I didn’t feel anything from it I just felt like it
almost looks like MOT a like in a face mask so I’m just going to have a really
like wet cloth I’m just going to remove it and then we have a an ampoule of they
call it the calming ampoule that you’re supposed to put on after this I don’t
really know like what it’s calming against but we’ll put it on nonetheless
so it’s the SRS sample calming ampoule up and then the cap pops off alright so
I’m just going to pour that into my little egg folder it’s like a pale blue
just gonna paint that on my skin I don’t really get this mask this whole
situation I don’t understand it it seems so exciting when I saw it
online and now I’m just super disappointed because I don’t feel like
it’s doing anything who knows maybe my skin will be very
glowy later but I hate it when things say heal on them like be talk spiel okay
you think you’re gonna peel the only thing that you ever peel from in my
opinion is like really high percentages of lactic acids or definitely TCA but
all these other things we don’t never do anything I don’t know what to tell you
guys I’m kind of disappointed in this thing have you guys tried this what do
you think have you seen it I mean I don’t know like okay if you’re not used
to TCA peels if you’re not used to aggressive chemical exfoliants for your
skin this could be actually a really good option for you because it’s super
gentle it’s not like yeah it’s not burning your face like you could
actually like this it’s just for me when I see something that tells me I’m going
to peel I get really excited and this is not that like it did not come through
for me but that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be a good option for you so now
the peel is done like they say to apply this on oh you know what I still have a
lot of grit on my face hold on it’s ground up like grass does not want to
come off okay so now we’ve got the calming solution on just paint a little
bit more on since I just wiped it off again and then it says to apply one of
these regeneration and pulls on so we’ll do that too and then we will put on our
sunscreen and this whole experience will be over
so here is the regenerating ampoule that it suggests that I put on and I’m going
to do this right this time okay I’m going to show you something
do you see the top of this okay you want to peel it back so that you’re peeling
towards this so that it releases it all the way down if I peel this way which I
did on the last one it will be not the same effect that we want so watch I’m
going to peel it see how it pulls and then it’s going to pull it all the way
down and now it comes off that is the trick to these things if you didn’t know
that but I still screw it up and I know it okay now we’re going to put on this
other one and this is supposed to regenerate my skin I guess this one’s
clear you didn’t really even do my neck but we’ll still pain it down there just kind of like a rub dot in I really
don’t know what that pill solution did but we have my favorite SPF from globe
beauty it’s a 40 so I’m just gonna put that on right now and then we’re gonna
continue about our day ok guys what do you think yay or nay on this would you
be disappointed if you bought this and didn’t get really any chemical reaction
from it I kind of am but you tell me in your comments and as usual thank you so
much for your support on my channel I love trying new things and sharing with
you whether or not they’re good or bad or total flops but or even if I do it
wrong maybe I totally screwed this up who knows there wasn’t a lot of
information so if you’re the company who makes this please feel free to reach out
to me and I’ll try it again if I miss something
but as usual you guys please like and subscribe and I’ll see you very soon bye


  1. Hi cant wait for this I have been holding off from buying any Korean skincare. I will be travelling around Thailand and Cambodia very soon so I will be doing some shopping for skincare .xx

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  3. I'm so glad you're reviewing this! I've been wanting to order it but all the videos I've seen on YouTube have been in Korean. Please provide a post peel update🤩

  4. Wow, I’m looking at how many new subscribers you have and I’m so happy for you. You deserve it for all the work that you do. You are fearless! I have learned so much from the processes you have tried and mastered. Specifically micro needling. I have been watching your numbers go up since recommending your channel to a Facebook group I’m a member of. I was really hoping, and curious to see, that the members would take advantage of the excellent instructional information you provide on your channel.

  5. Can you try thrive skin care system it's a 3 step regamine a supposed natural fruit extract peel cbd oil enzymes serum ect I've been following it for awhile & so curious to see unbiased review

  6. I use Korean face masks cause they actually works but this one is on a different level 👍…Ur face is really red👀

  7. Hi kim. I missed this live chat. ☹️. But I’m here now. 😃. Watching from Southern Illinois USA 🇺🇸❤️😘

  8. Please let us know if you had any changes in the peeling. I’ve done the Korean foot peel and that doesn’t burn my feet or feel like anything but seven days later all of my feet pills so keep us posted and let us know what happens. As always thanks for all you do Kim.

  9. I subscribed to you’re pod cast, I love you’re channel so I know I’ll love you’re podcast too😀This looks so interesting, I’ll have to try it😀

  10. Give 3 days to see if you see anything changing, with gentle peels you cannot expect to see results right away right?

  11. The second add at the beginning is 12.5 minutes long ✅ I watched it 💯 I don’t think YouTubers are aware of these long commercials ✅ Great Video 💖

  12. Aren’t you worried that you are doing more damage than good to your skin by doing all these harsh chemicals so frequently?

  13. Hi well I will be staying with my Tretnoin I still get a peel after a year of using it they do say it is the gold standard in helping with the ageing process. Thank you for sharing I will be off over to Japan next year so hopefully I can try some of there products. At the moment I am still researching Korean products but I have not purchased anything yet take care xx

  14. I had this saved a while ago but glad I didn’t order.. I definitely agree while the “pain=good outcome” idea 🙂

  15. I love those compressed masks. I open a mask for me then throw one of those in the extra serum let it soak up and my husband uses it with me. Nice way to stretch that mask power and your dollar. 🙂

  16. Thanks for checking this out. I think I’d not be a fan of this. When I use a peel I really want a complete peel. Start nice and fresh. Ya know?

  17. Well u have to wait couples days and give us an update on the effectiveness of the peel but I think that probably will be none from u due to the fact that ur skin is already adjusted to more aggressive peels! Tfs

  18. 'It seemed so exciting when I saw it online'..LOL!!! My skin isn't sensitive so I would be disappointed with the lack of sensation or burning with this peel product.

  19. I agree with you, let the horses at the dirty stable have this one. Love how you incorporate a humorous twist in your videos. Just keeping it real! Love you

  20. A pair of hemostats will grab the edge of the vial wrap and open it easily! <-May have cut fingers on vial wraps before 🙂

  21. Hi love
    Please I want to ask you
    Are you till now using the ordinary AHA/BHA peeling solution??
    Please are you got obvious benefits on your skin?

  22. Your skin is looking amazing today! Even before the peel. Waiting to get approved for the FB group. ♥️ haven’t seen a response back yet. Have a great day!

  23. I would love to know how your face looked & felt the next day. When you did the peel your face got really red, so either the ingredients irritated your skin a bit for a few hours or the peel actually did something. Now I’m curious! 💕♥️💕

  24. 💪💋💪Your Skin looks Really Beautiful Kim.Miss your Videos.
    I know you been under a lot of STRESS.. 🙏..

  25. I follow numerous aestheticians/academy instructors and physicians from Korea and Vietnam and what they do is place gauze on your face and paint the peel on top of it so it's very saturated and then they let it dry. They then peel off the gauze and use a wet cloth to wash it off. Make sure you read what ingredients are in each vial and see how much/many bleaching agents are in the product. Asian culture believes that you must have white skin to be beautiful so they put bleaching agents in everything and what it does with continued use is eat away at the skin so it becomes very thin and weak. Even their expensive salons will use these products and say they will make your skin radiant, brighter (whiter), moisturized and will clear up acne when it is actually damaging their skin up to the point if you try to pop a pimple your skin will tear and form a callous over it and you can get patches of dry skin all over your face which are very hard to get rid of without the use of many nutrients. So read the ingredients in everything and if you don't know what it is, look it up! I have watched more videos on home remedies that used harsh bleaching agents and from expensive spas using the same bleaching agents out of Korea, Vietnam and Thailand and their faces looked so painful and burnt and those who went in with simple blackhead acne now have cystic acne. These countries have no regulations of what or what not they can put in their products and that's why many of them are banned in many countries. One of the reasons why is if you have acne and use these bleaching agents antibiotics and topical steroids will not work do to the tissue and capillary damage. But when it comes to facial creams they use the best products and are heavenly to put on.

  26. 💪🙏💪It Reminds me of the # 7 peel I bought a year ago.Nothing happened.So the I was afraid to use it.Thinking I'm not doing something right ? Or What am I doing Wrong ?? So Turns out I was doing it wrong. And I Learned all of it from watching your Videos.So long story short I was doing it backwards. So it came with a liquid peel, fan brush and round cotton wipes in a round container soaked in ? Really not sure. So I gave up using it..Until I found You / My life saver my Skin care couch.🙏🙏🙏Thank you.
    So I now use it every Sunday, it's very mild, No BURN? Until I noticed in Some area's my face skin is and was peeling. Is it working ??? Not sure,Because I'm using prescription Retin-A just started using it two months now.
    I have Not even seen the # 7 peel at Walgreens any more.like I said it's a year old. Love DYI Skin Care
    By You and you only. Unless of course I go get some Bow at the Skin Dr. I'm hoping your peel work's for You🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👀


  28. I love watching you Kim. You are so knowledgeable and I always learn something from you lady! Your skin looks absolutely amazing recently x

  29. Girlfriend you are so crazy
    In the best kind of way.🙃
    I doubt I would ever try that
    particular mask but I sure
    get a chuckle out of you
    trying some of the things
    that you try. 🥴 😍

  30. Your skin looks nice and clear and glowing. But I don’t think I’ll bother. I’m like you if it doesn’t hurt it may not work. 🤪😘

  31. I honestly don't know, I would have to see what the results if any after a few days. I think unless you come back with a rave review, it would be a no for me.
    Thanks for all you do!!

  32. Wow!! I have taken a break and haven't been on YT much, but I am absolutely loving the new(ish) vibe… all the different angles! As always, I enjoy learning from you, and your thoughts and opinions are always welcome!!! Happy New Year!

  33. Kim maybe it will take it a couple of days to see if it works..Let us know…otherwise it would be a waste of money…You are so brave…Hugs Loretta

  34. Thanks for sharing Kim it would be a nay from me Ive only done the ordinary peel but I am planning a Tca but its not easy to get in Scotland lol 😂😂 Hope you have a wonderful day 💖💗💝 xxx

  35. I see the difference clearly wonderfull. Did you use once a week or once a month, how many sessions in total? Pleas answer 🌸🙏i'm going to start with microneedling

  36. I would be bummed out if I didn't see any scientific proof about how it works AND if I felt nothing! Thank you so much as always for a fun and informative video and for being a Guinea pig!💟👰💟

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