DailyPay – Kevin Hutchinson on Authenticity at Work – Black History Month

– Hi, my name is Kevin Hutchinson. I’m the Payment Operations
Training Manager. And how I feel I bring
my authentic self to work is through my clothing and, you know, just like body work,
and whether it’s showing my tattoos, I feel that
that really, you know, a lot of companies, that’s
frowned upon, but here, it’s accepted, it’s even praised upon. I’ve had other coworkers
see me with my tattoos and get tattoos because
of that, and I feel that my coworkers really
help empower me, empower my body, and you know, kinda
accept me for who I am, not, you know, for what my
features are, whether it’s, you know, I’m black, white,
yellow, whether I have, you know, one or two tattoos. I feel that, you know,
I really embody that I, you know, come in every
single day and I am myself. I feel comfortable being
in my own skin, wearing whatever I want to, and my
coworkers respect me, love me, for exactly that.

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  1. Great video! Black history month is about respecting what we have done as black people (past, present and near future). I actually made a Poetry video for BHM and it was hard to make but I felt my words spoke the truth. Keep up the great work!

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