Décoller toutes les Tâches et les Boutons Obtenez une Peau Cristalline Masque à la Gélatine et à

Peel off all Tasks and Buttons
Get a Lemon Mask Crystal Skin and Tomato to make this lemon and tomato peel
mask i will need lemon a tomato and a little
geatin powder I chopped the tomato in cubes and then crushed in the
mortars for squeezing tomato juice the juice helps to get rid of the skin
tanning and also against discoloration of skin then gives you an even complexion
I’m going to extract the juice using the sieve tomato juice also helps
treat and prevent acne, shrinks open pores and also regulates the
creation of sebum on oily skin is full of antioxidants so its application
helps you get rid of radicals free
the skin as you can see, the juice of tomato is now
ready so let’s add one or two teaspoon of gelatin powder
has a a little more and we
microwave so that the gelatin powder completely melts with tomato juice
after the microwave I will transfer this mixture in a glass bowl and then I
add a few drops of lemon juice at
this mixture of gelatin and tomato juice this lemon and tomato juice plant
the juice makes it a great note for your skin now that this mask is ready
apply it on your skin using brush and let stand until it
be dry if you have a problem with dark elbows
and dark knees then regular application
of this mask will do wonders lemons
are rich in vitamin C and cirtic acid therefore
they can help brighten up and lighten your skin when using
over time, vitamin C is a great antioxidant to neutralize for free
radicals and stimulating collagen production of natural lemon acids
gently removes dead cells from the skin and
lighten age spots and unwanted freckles
clears face discoloration if you wish it
you can even add a spoon to soup
honey at this humidity this will help decrease in any type of skin irritation
16 completely dried coat out of the mask like that up
direction after taking off this mask you need to hydrate your skin for
this cotton ball deeper in a cold raw material
milk and def all over your skin allow to sit for about 15 to 20 minutes,
then wash with cold water milk too
helps you lighten your skin lactic acid in milk works gradually
decrease pigmentation of the leading skin to brighten the complexion which was like
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