Delicious Dairy-Free Recipe with Natural Sugar 😍 Best Drink for Clear Skin (ft. Mandi Nyambi)

Hey guys! Welcome back to Beauty Within. It’s your host, Felicia. And Rowena 🙂 And today, we’re back with Mandi Nyambi. And she’s gonna show us how… eating for your skin is a real thing! (Mandi: Yeah.) And it can be super easy in preparing different foods and drinks at home. (Mandi: So easy.) So Mandi, do you want to introduce yourself to our audience? Because we did a part one, which you guys should all watch. But she has a background in nutrition, as well as stem cell research! Biology! You want to tell us a little bit about that? Yeah, so my background’s in stem cell biology. That’s what I studied at Harvard. And it was all about regeneration. So: “How does our skin, how does our body, how do our bones really regenerate?” And then I went to Columbia, focused on nutrition. Really thinking about how our lifestyle choices make a difference for our health. Not just for internally, but also on our skin. And so today, I thought we could talk a little bit about eating for your skin. And I wanted to show you that it really is easy. It doesn’t have to be difficult. (Fel: Yeah.) You don’t have to find crazy ingredients. It can be super super fun and really yummy. Yeah. So what does that mean to you? The foods that we put in, it affects our stomach. Our gut. (Mandi: Yeah.) Our health in general. And how does that affect and reflect in our skin? So you can think of your skin as the window to the body. If your eyes are the window to your soul, your skin is the window to the body. So it has reactions that really talk to you about what’s going on inside. What you can do is feed your body with things that also may show up on the skin, right? And that’s really why we’re focused on a food-based approach, or holistic approach, to your skin. So that means eating really high fiber foods. Because that’s gonna ease your gut, and that’s gonna ease your skin. Eating ingredients that are really gonna provide nutrients that are really important for your skin. So we’ve got vitamin C. We’ve got vitamin A involved. And those are really amazing things for both brightening your skin, long-term maintenance of your skin. (Fel: Yeah.) So really eating what your skin needs. So feeding it from the inside-out, as well as the outside-in. If you want to build the right building blocks for your skin, you talk about the ‘inside-out’ approach. (Fel: Yeah.) If you want to solve the issues that you’re seeing on your skin, you can also look at an ‘outside-in’ approach. And that’s where your products come in. Love it! (Mandi: Yeah!) Because everything that you said, you can apply topically and just ingest it, right? Absolutely! (Ro: Beauty Within!) (Fel: Yeaaah!) (Mandi: Beauty Within!) Exactly! So I thought I have to show you guys how to make something really good. Really quick question: What inspired you to study nutrition and stem cells? Soooo I mean… I love – Does it come from a personal place where you’re trying to solve something? Yeaaah! So I mean, my skin journey has been long and fraught with lots of trial and error. And that really led to my research question. So my dad was a professor. I have to admit it does kind of – Sciences run in the family. A little bit. And I wanted to do really cutting-edge research. And that’s where stem cells were at the forefront of everything. From all kinds of diseases to your health to well-being. And then in terms of nutrition, it was – Everyone is not gonna just inject themselves with stem cells tomorrow, right? What can I do (Ro: Today!) todaay to make my skin look good, to feel good, to eat well? And so stem cell biology was that ‘micro’ approach. Nutrition is that ‘macro’ approach, right? That big picture, everyday stuff I can do. And so that’s really how that, you know, flowed together. And so I have taken all of that and brought it to the skincare industry. And it’s been really fun to do so. (Fel: Honestly, awesome.) So if you guys haven’t seen our first episode, make sure you check that out. But what are you gonna show us how to make today? Okay. So today, I am debuting our new – (Ro: Oooooh!) Yeah! Debut! (Ro: We’re so lucky!) I know! You guys are the first to see this. We have a pumpkin based milk that’s amazing for not only just calming and soothing you after a long day. (Fel: Yeah.) But it has amazing nutrients, and it’s great for the skin. I’m calling it our Baalm Milk for now. I formulated it with an amazing chef, Chef Romilly Dauphin Newman. And I want to show you guys what we’re gonna do today. (Fel: Awesome.) We’ve got some pumpkin. This has vitamin C, vitamin A. And it’s also really easy on the microbiome. So here we are being gut friendly. We’ve got oat milk, which is dairy-free, obviously. Really amazing. I love oat milk because it also has a lot of great flavor, but it’s not overwhelming. And it’s easy on the stomach, which I definitely need. And it’s still creamy. (Mandi: It’s so creamyyyy!) It’s so creamy! The worst thing about milk alternatives for me is when they’re too watery. (Fel: Oh my gosh.) It’s like water. We’ve got some cinnamon sticks in here to give you that spice. And then we’ve got dates. This is gonna be our main sweetener. So there’s no other added sugar other than the dates. So it’s totally natural. Really yummy. And then we’ve got some cardamom pods. (Fel: Yeah.) And we got a little allspice to spice it up at the end. Oh my gosh! (Ro: Ooooh!) (Mandi: Yeah, so easy!) The cool thing about pumpkin is that it’s like a natural enzyme. (Mandi: Yes!) People use it as a mask. (Mandi: On their face.) I was just gonna say. You can just literally scoop this and wipe it all over your face! And just chill for 10 minutes. (Ro: Peter Thomas Roth.) Peter Thomas Roth, I know. (Fel: Yeah!) And it’s a gentle enzyme exfoliant too, right? So it’s really – I’m a really big proponent of enzyme exfoliants actually. It’s my favorite kind. Super gentle. It’s really great for all skin types. It’s a long game for exfoliation. It’s something you can do more regularly. So it’s also orange, and orange is one of our Baalm colors. So I really wanted this to be inspired by our brand ethos. It really shows how our approaches focus on calming your skin, calming your skincare journey. So let’s start off with this cute little campfire. Our fire going here. We’re gonna keep it at about medium heat here. And I’m gonna start off with a cup and a half of oat milk. (Fel: Okay.) Just gonna pour that in here gently. Have you ever made your own oat milk? You can make your own oat milk and all nut milks. It’s super super easy. You can actually just gently grind up the oats in some water. And have it stand for overnight. The next day, you can take a cheesecloth and strain it through. And that’s how you can make basically any nut milk and an oat milk. (Fel: Have you made any?) I’ve made (Fel: Almond?) almond, cashew, sunflower. Yeah. Super easy, right? (Ro: You can do anything, yeah.) But it’s not as creamy. (Mandi: Yeah, it’s not the same.) It’s not the same. But I will say oat milk is like the closest to creaminess and for milk that I found. So we’ve got this going. We’re gonna add 1/4 cup of pumpkin puree. You already see this beautiful orange color coming to light! (Fel: Oh my gosh.) And we just – (Ro: I want it in my belly.) Now. (Mandi: I know, it’s just the most beautiful color.) And you’re gonna just gently mix this until it’s fully introduced. As it’s going here. That’s melting really quickly. (Mandi: It’s melting so quickly.) Okay, I’m gonna put my dates in here. We need three dates. Really great. You can put more if you want it to be a little bit more sweet. We’re gonna have three cinnamon sticks in here. (Fel: Okay.) This is already smelling like the most – Delicious thing ever! (Mandi: I’ve ever smelled!) So how do we know when this is good after the dates and the cinnamon sticks? Okay. Well before we know it’s done, we actually need a little bit of cardamom. And I’m gonna enlist you. We need four cardamom pods. (Fel: Okay.) And you’re just gonna open them slightly slash crush them a little bit. (Fel: Okaaay.) Not too hard, not too much. (Fel: To release the -) Release it. So we get opening of the pods. Throw that in here once you’re done. (Fel: Is that good?) Yeah. Oh, that’s perfect. (Fel: Okay.) You’re professh! (Ro: A pro.) Look at her! She’s a chef! (Fel: I was gonna -) Like garlic. (Mandi: Oh my god!) Yeah, just like garlic. Yeah, I do the same thing to open it up. Okay, so you’re gonna just lightly stir this and let it simmer. (Ro: It smells so good!) Ugh it smells amazing! Wish you guys can smell through the screen. I know! We need to it invented yet? (Fel: It’s like 5D.) (Mandi: Yeah, 5D.) A new app in like 2025. I know! That’s not far away. You just start smelling your phone. I know, scratch and sniff cellphones. Okay. So it smells amazing. It’s wafting. So when you start to smell this aroma, you can just let it sit here and simmer gently for ten minutes. (Fel: Okay.) What we’re gonna do next is we’re just gonna strain this. And I’m gonna enlist you, again. Okay, I got you! (Mandi: So put this right here.) We’re going to lightly strain this through. You’re just gonna lift the strainer up a little bit right here. Ugh it’s so amazing! (Fel: Oh my god.) And so it’s a little thickened, which is amazing. So I don’t actually drink coffee on a daily basis. So this is a really great drink if you want to start your morning off a little bit more calm. It’s not gonna get you hyped up. (Ro + Fel: Yeah.) But it will calm you and relax you. So this is a really great alternative because the only thing that’s sweet in this is actually the dates so. (Ro: Yeah.) Felicia, you’re doing amazing. You’re gently shaking that together all out there. (Ro: And it’s just the flavor of the dates.) It’s just the flavor of the dates. (Ro: Yeah.) (Mandi: We’re not actually eating it.) Unless you eat the actual date. (Ro + Mandi: Which you can/could.) And when they’re warm like this, they’re so delicious! (Ro: Yeaaaah.) They just melt in your mouth! You know, what’s a good alternative to chocolate milk? (Mandi: What?) Chocolate rooibos tea. (Mandi: Yeah. Oooooh!) It’s so good! (Mandi: Rowena!) And add it with oat milk! Heat it up. Add it with oat milk. (Mandi: I love that!) I gotchu! I literally feel like my brain just *instant poosh* exploded! (Ro: Yeah!) And if you don’t want to put everything in there and strain it, you can also use a cheesecloth that I have here. You can actually put all your ingredients in this bag, dip it in here, let it simmer, and then take it out. (Ro: Oooh.) And what’s great is you can use the spices again. (Fel: Okay.) Right? So it’s really easy to do. (Fel: Yeah!) Amazing! Okay. So now… (Fel: Ding!) Sous-chef, do you want to pour it in cups, so we can delicious – drink this delicious drink? (Fel: Yes! Oh my gosh.) I’m so ready! (Fel: I’m so excited!) So ready. So you could let that steep for more than a night, and it would be even more strong, sweet? (Mandi: It would be even – mmhmm.) I like to finish it off with a little allspice. And if you just look there it’s just so beautiful. *Fel is fascinated* And this is for you, Rowena. (Ro: Thank you!) Oooh, it’s like the chocolate dusting on dessert. (Ro: It is!) (Mandi: So good!) Cheers ladies! (Ro + Fel: Cheers!) To glowy skin. (Fel: Oh my gosh. Yes!) *Yummy yummy* Mmm! Mmmmmm! (Mandi: It’s so good!) So so good! (Fel: Yess!) So good! (Ro: Wow!) Mm! So this mixture, I made this morning. (Fel: Yeah!) And so it’s been soaking for like the entire morning. Like the warm one would be so calming. (Ro: Yes!) Actually, it’s about ready! (Fel: Baalm. Calm.) Here we go… But it’s gonna taste – It tastes really good. (Ro: Oooh, the warm one!) Right? It tastes so – *LOLS* Look at your face! Guys, it’s so creamy! (Mandi: It’s so creamy.) So doesn’t it feel like you have actual dairy, like milk in this? (Fel: Yes! Yeah!) There’s no dairy in this. So what’s great is the pumpkin has that bit of a thickening agent to it. So what you would be missing in that creamy milk, the pumpkin makes up for it. Could you tell our viewers why or how having cow’s milk or dairy can affect the skin or the gut? (Mandi: Mmmm!) And why doesn’t it affect other people? So milk has lactose in it. Which is a sugar that is a really difficult thing for our body to break down. And so for a lot of people, you get lactic acid buildup as the result. And so that creates stomach cramps. It’s really unsettling for a lot of people. (Fel: Yeah.) Particularly if you’re a person of color. Just genetically, we’re not really designed to be drinking milk for the rest of our lives. (Fel: I get so gassy!) So gassy! (Fel: Yeah, and cramps.) Yes! A lot of people find that when they cut out that dairy, that imbalance that results from drinking that milk, which your body’s really not used to breaking down, (Fel: Mmhmm.) completely goes away. (Ro: Mmm.) Now. If you want to have hard cheeses, that can be – that can actually work. I still eat cheese! I can’t – I am never not gonna eat cheese! (Fel: Yeah.) But the creamier cheeses are gonna have that same milk effect. (Ro + Fel: Mmmm.) The harder cheeses are a lot easier to digest for some people. (Fel: Yeah.) They’re also a lot healthier too to eat. Those are big reasons why people do cheese, don’t do cheese. But milk, don’t do milk. If you are really missing that creamy flavor that milk has or that creamy texture, Oat milk is the closest thing that I think you can find to that. (Fel: Yeah.) And I think Oatly – (Ro: Oatly has a fat – full fat! There’s fat free, regular and then full fat (Mandi: They have vegan too.) And so when it comes to your skin, 1. It can definitely help with luster. It helps with fortifying your skin barrier with the lipids that it actually needs. So your skin barrier is the layer that has dead skin cells and lipids. This matrix is super super important. When people have a disruptive skin barrier, that’s where you get a lot of acne, lesions. That’s where you get really dry, flaky skin. People who have psoriasis have these issues. This happens when you’re over exfoliating. That’s what happens when you lose water retention. Okay. So for those people, what are the top three kind of foods or nutritional tips that they should know to get radiant skin? Regardless of what sort of skin concern they have. So 1. Omegas. Really love those. Those are really good way to fortify your skin, more luster to your complexion. So would you say capsule format? Or just like, you know, eating fresh produce that has it? How does the supplements work? (Mandi: Oh! I mean.) The most bioavailable versions are always gonna be in your food. Bioavailable means the body is most easily able to process it. Supplements are really awesome if you feel your diet is missing things. But if you can just introduce it to your diet in the whole food form it’s the best thing for your body. There’s also chia seeds. Yes! Ooh chia seeds! Love chia seeds. One could actually make this into a chia seed pudding if they wanted to. (Ro: Yessss!) So this is so great because you can do a lot of stuff with it, right? You can just drink it as a drink. You can make it into a little bit of a pudding with your chia seeds If you’re someone who likes cereal (Ro + Fel: Mmm!) and likes a little bit of an interesting milk for your cereal, (Ro: Yeah!) (Fel: Yeah!) this is really good. In your actual oatmeal (Ro: Yeah!) if you want to. So there’s so many ways that you can use this. It becomes this catch-all thing. It’s an ingredient that’s just all around – It’s really important for your body 2. Probiotics. So these are really simple things that you can just add in. Probiotics can take the form of your yogurt or your kimchi, if you love to eat that. Or you can buy a supplement, as well. So Culturelle is really popular. You can find that in a lot of grocery stores. And that’s very easy. And then number three is water. And I only bring this up because it is so so important! You don’t need me to tell you to drink water. But you have to have to have to drink water! (Fel: Yeah.) Go drink a cup of water right now! (Mandi: I know!) So yeah. We’re very getting thirsty, but yeah. So water is so important! And you don’t have to just drink it. You can eat foods like iceberg lettuce. Like cucumbers, green bell peppers that are really high in water. And so if you’re someone who’s like, “Mandi, I honestly cannot drink another cup of water.” Right? I totally get that. You don’t want to drown yourself. Dermatologists are typically tracking transepidermal water loss. Which is how much water is leaving your skin, crossing that barrier. A lot of our skin issues come down to a lack of water. As we’re aging, our skin dries out. We’re losing water when it’s really cold outside and it’s winter. The wind is whipping. It’s taking the water off of our faces. A really big thing that disrupts the skin barrier is a lack of water. So how does that help internally? Water is necessary in many of our metabolic processes. ‘Cause our bodies are 75% water? (Mandi: We’re mostly water, right?) First, we’re a lot of bacteria. And then we’re also a lot of water. (Ro: Bacteria and water.) So basically were like, I don’t know, a puddle? A puddle of bacteria? (Mandi: Puddle of bacteria?) Generally, I think we understand we all need to drink water. But from a skincare standpoint, that’s why it’s really important to be drinking water, as well. So this is just one recipe. Mandi actually comes up with a lot of different ones, as well. Both to ingest and also topically like face masks that she has in her book, Fresh Face. (Mandi: Yeees.) Ding! Okay, so tell us about this book! So Fresh Face is really your guide to skincare from A to Z. If you want to know where to begin. If you’re someone who’s like, “I know a little bit about skincare. I have some products. I’m using them. But I don’t really know what I’m doing.” Fresh Face is also an amazing guide. It’s got dozens and dozens of routines in here. I start out by talking about the anatomy of the skin. (Fel: Yeeeees.) So really breaking down the science. Understanding: What is our skin? What are the parts of it? Talking about the microbiome, making it really easy to understand. What makes up my skin? What am I dealing with here? And then, I go into different scenarios. So if you’re prepping for a really big event. What you should be doing if you have a new breakout. Three days to actually dealing with that breakout, (Fel: Yeah.) so that you make it go away with the least scarring possible. And I have a lot of DIY masks in here. We talk about eating for your skin. So if you love this recipe, there are lots more recipes in here. For different things that you can actually eat. But also things that you can put on your face, which I really love. (Fel: Yeah.) And I also have a few face massages in here, if you need a little self-care. (Ro: Oooh!) Rub your face. (Fel: Yes.) So it’s a really fun book. It’s got everything you need for skincare from so many different angles. (Fel: Sooo fun.) It’s beautiful. (Mandi: Thank youuuu.) It’s my baby. It’s my book baby. Would you want to do a giveaway? (Mandi: Yeah!) We can do a giveaway. So follow Baalm on Instagram. (Mandi: Yeah.) Follow Mandi on her personal Instagram. And then tell us in the comment section below: What’s your favorite ingredient? Yeah, and why. Tell us why. And we’ll give Fresh Face to five lucky winners. Because honestly, if you guys are watching our channel. Why people watch it is because we break things down in a very easy, fun way. (Mandi: Yeah. Yeah.) And the first time I read this, I was like, “Oh my god! This is exactly an extension.” We’re in the same page. (Mandi: Yeaaah!) We’re rocking the same boat! (Mandi: Yeaaaah!) It’s skincare with wellness and health in mind. I love it. I mean it’s perfect. It’s – If you just want to know how to take care of your skin from day one, this is where to begin. (Fel: Yeah.) This is it. Think of it as your little skincare Bible. (Fel: Yeeeees!) Yeah! Best friend in book form. Your skin’s best friend. (Mandi: Your best friend. It’s like me!) Like talking to you every day at night before you go to bed. (Fel: Yeah!) (Ro: Awww!) You know what I mean? A bedtime story. (Ro: I love that!) It’s like instead of “Ask Siri.” (Mandi: Yeah.) “Ask Mandi!” “Ask Mandi.” You should create an app. An extension of your app. Siri, do you want my voice? So, thank you guys so much for watching. Thank you Mandi for sharing this super delicious drink! (Ro: Yes!) (Mandi: Thank you for having me.) We’re not even kidding. I’m glad you love it! Please try it! And let me know what you think. (Fel: Cheers again?) *CHEERS!* If you guys do try this, tag us on the socials. Let’s do it. Drink up. (Fel: Cheers to that.) *Drinkity Drink* *Fel is happy* Straight to the last drop. Bye! See you in the next episode! (Mandi: See ya.) *Thank you for watching!


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