Derma Diet For Clear Glowing Skin | Doctor’s Advice

Hi, I am New York Dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia
and director of Lumière Dermatology a chain of luxury aesthetic centres here in New Delhi.
I am here to talk to you about your diet for good skin. So I actually specialize a lot
in doing diets for skin. I call it the derma diet, it is something that I do and usually
I basically see the patient. I give them a consultation. I understand what they are eating,
what they like, what they don’t like and I try to work around them to create a diet for
them. For you guys I am going to tell you the main principles of the derma diet. So
you too can have good skin sitting at home. The first principle is obviously, drink a
lot of water. Water, fluids, I cannot stress enough hydration is so important and I am
sure you have heard it a million times but I am going to say it again. Because it is
really really good for you. It will help hydrate you and it will give you better skin. The
second thing is avoid dairy. Now I am sure you have heard this before but if you haven’t
here it is for you. Dairy has lots of hormones. Hormones are plentiful in milk, yoghurt, and
cheese, and ice cream. Why is this? That’s because cows naturally have hormones that
transmits through their milk when they are giving it to their calves. That milk comes
to you and you drink it and you get more hormones. The second reason is in order for cows to
produce more milk most cow farms injects those cows with lots of hormones. Those hormones
help increase their mammary glands which produce them more milk. So why should you drink all
of those hormones? All those hormones are just gonna make your skin worse. They are
gonna make you more inflamed. They are gonna make you more sensitive and they will give
you things like acne, which you don’t want. So cutting out dairy is probably the best
thing for you. For those of you that are worried about having less calcium there is tons of
options that can give the calcium you need without having to drink milk. You can have
lots of spinach, you can have other leafy green vegetables which actually have a lot
more calcium than dairy. So you are not actually losing anything when you cut out dairy. The
next thing I am gonna tell you is glute. Now I know that everyone is talking about gluten
free but I don’t think you know why? Gluten can actually affect lots of people in different
ways. Some, a few percentage of people have something called celiac disease where they
are actually allergic to gluten. That means if they have gluten their intestines swell
and they can have a whole slew of symptoms and complaints can can really damage their
bodies. Now most people don’t have celiac disease. The other segment of people can have
something called gluten sensitivity. Where if you eat gluten you actually may feel more
bloated you may feel more tired, you may feel week. There is lot of, there is a whole range
of symptoms you can feel if you are gluten sensitive. I believe that by cutting out gluten
you can reduce a lot of inflammation in the body. Because lot of people have this gluten
sensitivity and they don’t even know it. So by cutting out gluten, things like wheat,
things like oats, things like barley and rye you actually clean out the system because
that inflammation is gone. The other thing that reducing gluten does is get rid of lots
of white things. So that means wheat. Wheat can be processed into maida. If I get rid
of maida that means you are not eating something that can raise your blood sugar and trigger
a hormonal cascade. So that’s great for you right? That maida, getting rid of it can only
improve your skin. The last thing is, what I touched upon before with maids is getting
rid of white foods. That means white sugar, that means white rice and sometimes even potatoes
which I know can be really tough. White sugar, white rice all these things and maida of course
can raise your blood sugar as I talked about. By raising your blood sugar you actually get
a whole range of symptoms including worsening stress hormones in the body. Stress hormones
cause dullness, cause sensitivity, cause pigmentation and mostly can cause acne. In face there is
so much data out there that talks about how foods that have high glycemic index, meaning
that they have huge spike in their blood sugar can cause problems like acne. So really dermatologists
around the world are working on removing those form the foods of their patients and I am
the same. I am nothing different. If you follow these four tenets of derma diet you should
see a great benefit in your skin. And I say that with utmost of confidence with the results
I have had from my patients and results other dermatologists have had from theirs. I hope
this helps you and if you want more details or consultation please feel free to contact
me. If you have any more questions feel free to contact us at the information below and
we would love to have you watch more videos at Beauty Mantra.


  1. Thanks so much, this video is really informative. I'd be interested to know your stance on fruit and hight fruit/raw vegan diets? Im a 25 yr old female, currently eating a high carb, low fat vegan diet that is 60% raw fruit. Would love to hear your thought, Thanks Camille

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