DRY TRIM on Natural Hair | No More Split Ends

Hey guys, Nichole here as you can see by
the title I am doing a different kind of video it is the beginning of the year
and I have noticed that my ends definitely need to be trimmed however I
am NOT straightening my hair right now and this is normally the time I would straighten
my hair and get it trimmed so I’m gonna do something a little different and do
my own trimming here at home and I’m actually going to blow-dry it stretch it
out and trim it I don’t want to trim it on curly hair if you don’t know I did do
a DIY Deva cut I think maybe over a year ago now and so I have cut my own hair
before but I’ve never really actually went in and trimmed my own hair and I
don’t want to straighten it I don’t want to go to a beautician just to get it
trimmed when I can clearly try to do it on my own so this will be the first time
I trim my hair and I’m taking you all along with me so I did co-wash and deep
condition my hair and I’m going to blow dry my hair on cool and then go in
and trim so let’s get started. so I did co wash my hair and deep
condition my hair and then when I went to rinse out my hair I put in the Paul
Mitchell the conditioner and I detangled with that and just squeezed out all the
water so the leave-in is still in my hair so I’m just going to section my
hair and detangle a little more so I’m just going to use a wide toothed shower
comb and just continue to detangle my hair like I said I did finger detangle
in the shower okay guys so my hair is detangled and
sectioned off and I’m going to use my Revlon one-step I have used this
before in my straight hair video routine anytime I blow dry my hair Iuse this just
because it’s easier so it does have a cool a low and a high setting and I’m
going to use cool and I am also going to use a heat protectant just in case
because sometimes the cool gets a little warm and we are trying to protect
these curls. So the reason I’m using the cool setting instead of using warm or
hot just to hurry up and finish is because I am doing a haircare series where I am
doing fall and winter wash and go so all following winter I’m only doing washing gos however I do need to trim my hair to also get it healthy so in order to do
that I’m going to blow-dry it and stretch it but only on cool. My hair
is sectioned and ready to be trimmed I decided to follow naptural85’s video on
trimming her natural hair however I’m going to work in smaller sections than
she did if you would like to see her tutorial I will put it in the
description box below and I’m not going to take as much off as she did because I
am going to get a real trim with my hair straightened I’m just trying to get rid
of the rough-in so that my hair stops tangling for now and just get rid of
some of the split ends that I see now I normally do the search-and-destroy method which is basically where you just kind of go in look at your ends find
split ends cut them off however that gets your hair very uneven and I don’t
have that kind of time so I’m gonna go in and start I have my paddle brush my
rat tail comb and my scissors so what naptural85 did is she split her
hair into sections and I should probably split this a little bit different and brush through the section and then
take her rat tail comb and this is still kind of pretty big sections because I
don’t plan on cutting off that much so you can kind of see where I probably
should cut so and like I said I’m not going to cut too much because my hair
isn’t straight and so I will be cutting off more than what I really need to I
can just kind of feel where the ends are rough and that’s what I’m going to cut so actually I’m going to take this into
another section so I can get it as even as possible and
I can fill the roughness about here and I actually cut it off a lot but if you
look at those strands you could feel the single strand knots and actually like
that already feels better though actually it feels like I’m ending up
doing like three parts or three sections within this section and I can feel it cathcing. So I actually have more knots than I do split ends I’m going to get
rid of this ugly ends that definitely need to come off and just make sure it
is even and I’m actually not afraid to cut my
hair I used to be kind of hesitant but y’all it grows back
it’s just hair and after you’ve chopped off all your hair you really kind of
just don’t even care anymore. (music) okay guys so I am all done my hair feels so much better my ends feel so much better I actually cut like a lot in the front just so that I
could have sort of a layer even when I wear it curly cuz the front is actually
very very long it was actually like more down the here and I cut a lot of that
off so I am definitely happy but yeah guys that’s all if you liked this video
or if you found it helpful please give it a thumbs up if you are new please
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  1. I cut mine the night of the 31st!! Lol had to get rid of those single strand knots. I cut my hair when I put it in mini twists so I don’t have to use heat 🙂

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