ENG/JP/IND) 평범한 남자의 알바가는 날 모닝루틴 브이로그 ㅣMY REAL MORNING ROUTINE 2020ㅣGRWM Koreanㅣ

Pretty back hair, right? Hello I’m Jasong ~ Before going to a part-time job I’ve filmed the video I’m preparing (Lying in bed for 10 minutes and wriggling) I had to take a video, I had a wake-up call early. Because of it I almost fell asleep That is a lie Originally, do not clean up the futon Eat red ginseng for breakfast But I don’t know how to be healthy … Just eat ^^ (Even if I eat red ginseng, I’m tired … hahaha) I don’t usually eat breakfast At that time, I really wanted to eat bread Paris is a baguette The most delicious bread cream I’ve ever had Because of the tired look It may look tasteless It was really good (If I ’m hungry, I eat really good) (But I do n’t have much appetite.) (Clean up the back ^^) (Now I’m going to wash) (I do brush my teeth first) (I always shower in the morning) (When you shower, there is nothing to do in the video …) (Fast forward because it is not fun!) (Mosaic to protect viewers’ eyes) (Everyone has this experience?) (Because I’m afraid that I will have hair loss) (I wash my hair very clean) That one A cosmetics company called Lagom This is a dedicated cleansing foam used in the morning The downside is … I can’t tell if it’s washing because it doesn’t foam It is also a manipulation …. In fact, I don’t shave with a shaving cream Shave with cleansing foam I’m taking a video I tried shaving cream once ^^ (But when do I leave the bathroom?) (Video gets boring little by little) (I also cut my eyebrows …) You should be bold when cleaning your eyebrows Eyebrows should disappear from 5 to 6 times I know how to cut it (This is an experience story ^^) (10 times seems to be Mona Lisa) (Experience is everything in life …) (Finally escape the bathroom!) (skin) (What do you see?) (Lotion) (There is a lot of keratin on the face) (I want to buy exfoliating, but I don’t know what to buy …) (No Sebum Sun Cream) (It’s good to make your skin white!) (If applied a lot) (Becoming an egg) (With people’s hot eyes) (You can listen to your girlfriend’s nagging for 1 hour) (Now it will turn white) (You can also clean up your skin tone!) (Now I’ll dry my hair) That is hair essence With your hair a little dry Squeeze a small amount and apply it to your hair It smells really good The product description says it can also help with hairstyles, I don’t know until that (I am a sober consumer ^^) (The most difficult to draw eyebrows naturally) (I drew this better) (I have a M-shaped head ..) (You just need the last curling iron ^^) I have to press the side hair with the headband Most Korean men have outstretched side hairs If you press even when curling Well pressed ^^ Here is a tip 🙂 (Hair styling is very difficult) Now the weather is warming then Do you sweat a lot? then The side hair extends outward Right? so soon I’m going to the beauty salon to kill my side hair 🙂 Long-awaited curling of the back That’s really … Is that real (?) It’s real hahahahaha (emphasis) Pretty back hair, right? (I think the back hair is important) Today is I don’t really like my hair (But because I have to go work) (You must go out quickly) It looks relaxed, Because it’s late 15 minutes on foot Take a taxi I’m crazy …


  1. 홍삼 먹어도 피곤 ㅋㅋ 동감
    저는 거품이 안 나는 샴푸쓰는데
    너무 많이 쓰게 되네욬ㅋㅋ

  2. wowwww you changed your channel's name!!! but the cover is still with the same name hahahha good job jasong!!!! keep it up~

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