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well hey everybody welcome back to the channel really glad you’re here I’ve got a special treat for you today we’re going to be doing another reaction video on a skincare routine this time by a rapper but I did want to take a minute here and say I hope that you were well and then you are if you’re under lockdown like we are here and by lockdown I mean they’re asking us not to go out with this Kove advice so we’re all trying to just do what we’re supposed to do so we can get through it I know it’s super super boring and hopefully you guys are finding these videos entertaining and something for you to do I’m gonna try to put out more entertaining material along with the skincare as we move forward to the next couple of weeks but I know it’s hard stay in there hang in there and take this time to learn about your skincare routine you know we have skin so fabulous set up which is my blog it’s interactive where you can go and actually find out what your skin type is and you can learn what your perfect routine is just by going there and I will link to that in the video description box below we’re also having a skincare giveaway that ends next week this is actually the last full week I think next Thursday is the 31st that’s it that’s your last chance to get in and win some skincare and there are three winners so by all means please check that video out again that link will be down in the video description box below for you to check out so be sure you do that I don’t want you to miss out which reminds me if you’re new I want to welcome you to skin care with Chris Gibson I’m Chris I’m your skin care expert and I’m here to help you get the best skin ever and on this channel we talk about skin care products skin care routine skin care problems which we solve those and today we’re talking about a celebrity skin care routine so if that’s your thing be sure to hit the subscribe button and a little notification bell so that you know when my new videos are up eight week okay so today we are gonna be taking a look at a rapper named sweetie you probably know her she’s very big on Instagram and she had a really huge hit just out of the park in 2017 and 2:18 called I see girl so this I see girl singer that we’re about to watch her skincare routine that she did for Vogue has some really interesting ideas about skincare and I’m gonna be able to share my comments with that as we go and also give you my thoughts at the end of the video on how the routine could be better and how it might work for you as well now as I always say I do these reaction videos as a way to educate and entertain in no way am I ever criticizing anybody including celebrities on what they choose to do for their skin because everybody generally learns the skincare routine that works for them however usually I find some things that would actually improve their skincare routine or skin care product use or choice even so again no criticism here just some fun and and it really have to applaud these guys for going out and putting what they do personally and privately out there for everybody to see because people can be kind of crappy when it comes to social media but this is a really interesting girl and she really does have a very interesting take on her skincare routine and pre makeup routine which we’re going to take a look at in just a second now I will put a link to her video in the video description box I highly recommend that you look at it because she will be going into makeup tips after we talk about skincare and it’s a really good video to watch so let’s see what this icy girl singer had to say about her skincare routine and how it makes her skin look so good hey what’s up y’all it’s nice to go Cellini today I’m chilling with bugs the beauty secrets and today I’m gonna walk you through my skincare routine and I know I like to do the natural makeup look but honey I want a lot of makeup to get that look so make sure you stay tuned so the first thing I do is of course wash my face this and want to put makeup on a dirty face that’s a strike so before I start I’m gonna run some warm water on this towel because I don’t want to get my lashes lamp so I got my warm water here to open up my pores but I got my red to me I just dislike when people use cloth wipes or my favorite right on your skin touch it I really live in Taj ah the deep plans but it’s super light and it makes you fit you’re secure in your skin don’t really smooth okay so as you can see sweetie is using a warm washcloth to actually kind of wipe her skin down before she uses her cleanser I’m not a big fan of washcloths in that way because they tend to be too rough on the skin but at least she’s not using any kind of those textured wipes which we see all the time the problem is that the warm water and the washcloth that’s rubbing your skin with it but I get what she’s trying to do and her cleansing step is a good one she’s obviously using a great product touches deep cleanse cleanser which is a kind of an exfoliating cleanser it’s made with this fibrous fruit actually instead of like granules so you don’t have those little microbeads in there that can I tear up the skin which I really don’t like those so it doesn’t really really replace exfoliation but we’ll see if she does an exfoliation step in this but so far you know the warm washcloth using the cleanser it’s a good start I was living with my dad and you know men don’t really know what to do with like pink hair so my dad would just tell me this guy knows what they do the skin packs I didn’t know what to do with skin care so then when I want to go visit my mom she was like horrified I was like what’s going on with your skin and immediately put me on to like skin care products I don’t know what they were but my face you know cleared up immediately it kind of all right bad thing you know if you know better you do better okay I had to stop here because as you guys know I talk a lot about using a hot washcloth to steam your face now I’m not really sure what she’s talking about that her dad was telling her to do but clearly using the washcloth with hot water when you have acne breakouts is a great great technique it’s one that my dermatologists taught me a long time ago and I routinely talk about that on the channel it’s not going to work if you don’t cleanse your skin though and it sounds like that that’s all she was doing was just wiping her face down or steaming it with a hot wash cloth without a cleanser to get the oil and bacteria off of course she was having and more breakouts and then what you would to see your mother you know yeah mom she talked her into using skincare products which obviously made a difference since I didn’t know I was washing my face with hot rags and like body so there are certain face masks that I like to do before I make it because it just gives you a girl that extra glow so for my face mask I like to use the Tasha radius man she clearly attached a girl okay I think that masks are a really really great product to use if you have oily skin and that’s what she’s using here is Tasha’s violet radiance mask which is a really great fruit mask it’s high in AAAS and BHA s to help kind of penetrate the skin and dry out more impurities and oil so I think a mask a washable mask especially this isn’t one that peels off it’s one that washes off is a really great step for her since she has super oily skin so let’s see what she does let’s see what she does with this ladies make sure you rinse especially for my girls with big pores with cold water you do not want to leave you know your pores open for the makeup to seep in because that creates pimples so make sure you wash with cold water okay now here’s something that I don’t really agree with but I get why she’s doing it the cold water to use cold water to wash your skin is not really all that great because a lot of times it doesn’t have the cleaning power that warm water has now here’s a myth that I routinely have to dispel and it’s mostly the fault of the skincare industry at large and it’s kind of the fault of some of us that talk about skincare a lot we make people believe that pores actually open and close and they don’t but what pores will do is if you use warm water it just softened the sebum and oil down in them and it does help that to be expelled so the port isn’t actually closed or open it doesn’t really do that and makeup is going if you’re gonna have good makeup coverage you’re gonna have some makeup get into the surface area of the pore so that you have that coverage you don’t want to have those little marks that pores leave behind gut makeup can actually make pores look larger in some cases so kind of a false premise about how this works but I get where she’s coming from there is nothing wrong with splashing cool water on your face to add moisture that I wholly agree with okay so now that my mask is off for girls who have skin like me super oily you know sometimes there’s a little bit of dirt left and I like to use Olay Henriksen for the toner so make sure you’re moving quick and my answering of you know a FaceTime or shaking your coffee because you want to push a lotion on immediately at the Oksana okay here she’s using Olay Henrickson’s toner which is not oil of olay it’s o el e la so there is a big difference between the two products and she’s using that to get excess oil that didn’t come off during the cleansing process I’m not a fan of toners at least we don’t see her wiping her face with it she was more patting it on but I do agree with her that toner once you put it on if it’s a moisturizing toner which is what she’s using you do have about five minutes to apply your creams and moisturizer before you lose the benefit of the moisture of the toner so that’s a really good tip that’s in this video it’s good and what I do is I put eye cream on by Tasha it actually you told her she’s a target for me I broadly sleep because I’m working so much so it really helps my bags out okay I am really happy to see a 26 year old person using eye cream I talk about this all the time it is so important to use an eye cream the area around your eyes has less oil glands than the rest of your face so eyes the area around them eyelids underneath tend to be drier and tend to be more textured and using an eye cream on a regular basis makes a huge difference and starting early she’s really going to ward off any fine lines and wrinkles that would start happening in her 30s again she’s 26 she looks really great she’s doing everything right about taking care of her eyes I’m so glad to see that so I did this truth serum by all entrants and and a lot actually comes out so you don’t want to do too many pumps so we don’t let that dry okay here’s a step that I’m really glad to see you’re using and that is a vitamin C serum she’s using Olay Hendrickson’s serum it’s a really great product it’s high-potency vitamin C and it’s really good to use early on because it protects your skin from sun damage free radical damage like spots fine lines and wrinkles so it’s really good to see someone again in their 20s using a C serum and you can follow it up with the Olay Henriksen zbrush brightening gel cream now okay so I showed this before it a lot of people came from me because they thought I was trying to lighten my skin no I like my melanin trolls so for example right here I had a really nasty pimple and that shit was so ugly literally coming from my life it just was not cute however I had this and it brightened up that dark spot not my face but the dark spot because if you’re like me you have to pop your pimples I just can’t have pimples on my face I have to pop them don’t chocolate sometimes you know no almost okay here I have to laugh a little because she’s using a brightening cream and it really is misleading she’s using a moisturizer by Olay Hendrickson which is a brightening cream it has a J’s and B a J’s in it to help even the texture of the skin there’s nothing wrong with that one of the things if you’re darker complected I’m olive complected so if you’re like me or you have darker skin they tend you tend to have melon and gather in areas of the skin especially as you get older so using this product now it’s gonna really help her not have dark spots now do not pop pimples y’all and she’s getting dark spots as those heal it’s really not exactly the same thing but a product like this will help remove red marks and dark marks just like it would sun damage or sunspots and what I really love about the serum it like farms just in y’all reading so this is B so after the moisturizers you know locked in let’s put some primer on to make sure that it stays in place I like to use the YSL primer it’s like some real icy girl primer you know it’s icy it is shiny and all that good stuff and make sure you also put on your eyebrows okay so she’s finishing up her routine with a primer and moisturizing primer before she does her makeup and we’re not going to do makeup in this particular reaction video but it’s a very simple routine that’s very straightforward as you can see her skin care routine steps are really straightforward with the warm cloth to start to moisturize the skin the cleansing the toner the mask the eye cream the moisturizing serum the vitamin C serum all those things are really great there are things that I didn’t see that concern me which is one an exfoliation step it needs to happen at every age somewhere along the line there needs to be a deeper exfoliation step not necessarily daily but at least once or twice a week and I didn’t see that the other thing I didn’t see was sunscreen and yes everyone needs sunscreen so overall a really great routine just missing a couple of important steps and if she adds those in she’s gonna have great looking skin for the rest of her life now I hope you found this video entertaining and helpful it’s always great to look at someone else’s skincare routine and again I applaud these celebrities for going out there and doing this in front of millions of people putting themselves out and kind of in a private way to show what they do to help educate other people on what the importance of skincare is so I’m never here to criticize I think she looks great she’s very talented and her music is wonderful be sure and check the video out of her in the video description box below for the whole vogue video it’s really really good now that said please let me know in the comments below what your top skincare concern is because if I haven’t done a video on it I probably will please by all means stay safe binge watch my videos please and I will see you guys over on the next video


  1. So that's how you pronounce her name. The A is silent. 😳 Did I miss where she actually washed her face though? And I think she kept missing her forehead except when she did the mask. No matter if I don't pop a pimple I still sometimes get a dark spot. It's so annoying! Thanks for the video.

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