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Creating a simple one-sheet template highlighting your businesses value proposition and core offerings can be time-consuming and tedious if you don’t have any in-house design or marketing resources.

We wanted to create an extremely simple one sheet template that any company can download, edit and make their own instantly.

Using Google Slides, we were able to reformat a standard slide to be a standard paper document that can easily be printed or converted to a PDF to send to clients.

Why create a marketing one sheet?

Think of a one sheet as a resume of your offerings. It is a concise way for you to highlight your unique features, industry expertise and client success. While longer pitch decks and media kits are great for presentations, one-sheets are a must have in your marketing arsenal to easily share and distribute across potential clients and stand out from your competitors.

What makes the perfect marketing one sheet?

(1) Be specific defining “who you are”

(2) Highlight your core offerings

(3) Identify what truly makes your company unique

(4) Show off previous client success

(5) Have a clear call-to-action for your potential customers

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