How to Build a Simple & Affordable Teen Skincare Routine: Do’s + Don’ts for ALL Skin Types

Hello beauties! Welcome back to Beauty Within. It’s your host Rowena and… it’s time for Felicia to frolic in her motherland down under. It’s about time we gave that woman a little break, and have this girl take over today’s episode about teen skincare. Remember the good old days when we’re younger and had baby soft clear skin, then BAM! High school starts along with raging hormones, and suddenly, our faces are covered with
these foreign little juicy bumps. Oh…acne! We’re all probably confused and wondering what to do with it, and how to make it go back to the way it was. You’re probably also thinking, “am i applying too many products?” “What do I really need?” “Why does my face sting?” “Do I need to exfoliate?” “What’s this Ah-ha and Bah-ha?” “Are these ingredients too strong?” “What is all these gibberish?” The truth is, we don’t need to stuff our bathroom with all these different products with potent ingredients and high-end skincare. Learn to take care of the basics and you’ll be good to go. “What are the basics, you ask? This is exactly what we’ll be covering in today’s video. As always, we’ll first nerd out over biology because it’s important to learn about what’s causing these changes in our skin in the first place, and dive deep into the major causes and triggers of teen acne. We’ll also walk through what’s necessary for a simple but effective skincare routine, and recommend some well liked and budget-friendly products. Let’s get started! Let’s zoom in for a second into our skin. There are two main layers – the epidermis and dermis, and they both have specific functions that keep our skin looking happy and healthy. The epidermis is the outermost layer and it’s what our physical eyes see. It might sound weird but what we’re looking at is a lot of dead skin cells, and they’re shedding all the time, all over our body. The shedding process is known as cell turnover, and it helps to naturally exfoliate the top layer of dead skin and push up and create new skin. A teenager’s cell turnover is like a well-oiled machine that just keeps on churning! But as we get older each year, slowly but surely, in our 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond, the rate of this cell turnover slows down. Why does this matter? The shedding is key when it comes to the vibrancy of our skin, and explains why your cute teenage faces are a lot plumper and less dull without even trying. So that was the epidermis. (And we’re) moving on to the dermis. It’s composed of two very specific and powerful proteins, collagen and elastin that go hand-in-hand, to give you that youth and plumpness that we’ve been talking about. And lucky enough, you teenagers still have an increased production of both (collagen and elastin), meaning you can just wake up every day with that look of immortality~ Also, skin is the thickest when you’re a teen, and since it’s so thick and resilient, teens can better protect themselves from injuries, invading substances, and other environmental factors. but even if we have youth and juicy plumpness on our side, some of us will start experiencing pimples, breakouts or acne, and they can start showing up anywhere and everywhere. Cheeks, chin, forehead…you name it. Eotteoke?! (Korean for “What do we do?!”) So let’s recap what acne is and why it exists. On your skin, you have hair follicles that reach from the dermis layer to the surface. Within these follicles, sebaceous glands produce an oily substance known as sebum, to moisturize the hair and skin. When there’s an overproduction of sebum along with a buildup of dead skin cells and dirt, your pores can get clogged, which can then trigger an inflammatory response. And sometimes, bacteria can get in there as well, resulting in a swollen infected area around the follicle. And before you know it, voila! A pimple! Okay, so before you freak out and isolate yourself from the rest of the world, just know that teen acne is perfectly normal especially when you’re at this age. But why is that? One word… Hormones! When adolescents are experiencing what’s known as puberty, their hormones or androgens drastically rise. This hormone surge makes the sebaceous or oil glands enlarge at least several times its normal size. And this leads to an increased production of sebum, which can later lead to blackheads, whiteheads, and even cysts. While hormones play a huge role in this, there’s also the added layer of increased stress. Stress also causes inflammation in the body, which can make pimples that you already have even more inflamed, increasing the time it takes for pimples to go away, and that’s no bueno. Genetics is another reason why you might get acne. If several of your family members have acneic skin, it’s more likely for you to have it as well. (It’s) not because there’s a specific gene that you inherit, but (it’s) because you might share either really oily skin or certain immune responses that lead to more frequent breakouts. Now that we know the basics of what makes up naturally youthful skin, let’s talk about what you probably clicked on this video for: how to build a skincare routine There are three important things to keep in
mind. Number one, more is not better when it comes to skin care, which applies to everyone (and) not just teens. Number two, learn your genetic skin type so you have a good starting place to build a routine. Number three! Find what works for you, boo-boos! And this one’s really really important. Starting with our nighttime routine! The most important step in any skincare routine at any age is cleansing. The last thing you want to do is climb into bed with a day’s layer of oil, sweat, dirt, dust, and bacteria partying on your face. You should pick something that’s gentle. Gentle will mean different things for different skin types. For example, if you have dry skin, you want to stay away from cleansers that have an overwhelming
scent or fragrance, and you also want to look at the consistency and pick a more milky, gel or creamy cleanser because they’re much more nourishing to the skin compared to foaming cleansers which will be too stripping for dry skin types. But gentle cleansers for those with oily skin can mean something completely different. Oily skin types work much better with foaming cleansers to break away excess sebum build-up, and especially because the cell turnover is
very rapid in teen years. If you do have oily skin, you definitely want to make sure you’re cleansing well So that the pores aren’t clogged (and) leading to breakouts. And you can try gentle cleansers with salicylic acid to help break down any extra gunk in the pores. And another tip for all skin types is you can look for products that are non-comedogenic, which means it’s formulated in a way that won’t cause clogged pores. And in general, we would say you don’t need to use any scrubs on your precious skin, because it’s already doing the job
on its own. Remember the concept of K.I.S.S: “Keep It Stupid Simple” or “Keep It Simple Stupid” I like, “Keep It Stupid Simple” In terms of how often you should wash your face, generally just wash once in the morning
and once at night. But if you have dry skin, you could even skip the morning cleanse and follow with your moisturizer. If you have oilier skin types, (it’s) best to get in the habit of cleansing twice a day, as recommended by dear Felicia. Some of our product recommendations for normal and dry skin types are: The Ordinary Squalene Cleanser. It’s one of my favorite oil-based cleansers. (It’s) super hydrating and non stripping. There’s also the CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser for Normal to Dry Skin, KraveBeauty’s Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser that is Felicia and my all-time favorite, as well as La Roche Posay’s Hydrating Gentle Cleanser for Normal to Dry Sensitive skin. Now cleanser recommendations for oily skin types. There’s CeraVe’s Renewing Salicylic Acid Cleanser, CeraVe’s Foaming Cleanser for Oily Skin, Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser for Oily Skin, and Felicia’s favorite, La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Medicated Gel
Cleanser. Next, let’s talk about moisturizers. Yes, we skipped toners and serums. When we’re young, we’re really lucky because our skin and body are already doing a lot of the work for us. So what you want to do is just help it out a little. Nourish your skin and protect and prevent. If you have dry skin, after you wash your face, you probably already know that you get that super tight (and) slightly taut feeling after even just a drop of water touches you face, so moisturizer is a complete given, and it’s important to nourish ourselves and our skin. The role moisturizers play is that it forms basically a protective barrier on top of your skin to prevent anything from outside to penetrate in to prevent water from inside your epidermis to escape. It’s like the analogy we made ( from the Glow Recipe interview). In Marvel, it’s like the orb that’s protecting Wakanda from the outside world. You want that for your skin. Here’s some moisturizer recommendations for normal and dry skin. The first one is Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Gel Cream for Extra Dry Skin It is unscented and has sodium hyaluronate which is really really great for hydrating the skin. Also Weleda Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream Contains calendula as well as chamomile
extract which are both very soothing for the skin. One of my personal favorites is The Lab’s Oligo… Oligo… Olio-go! Oli-go-go! Oligo Hyaluronic Acid Calming Cream. It’s very good for sensitive and dry skin types, and it’s packed with hyaluronic acid which we know is super hydrating, and moisturizing for our skin. And last, another one of my favorites, Skin & Lab’s Barrierderm Intensive Cream. It’s very calming, very soothing, and contains fila seeds, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid to rebuild the skin barrier and soothe irritated skin. There’s also Sweet Chef’s Superfood and Vitamins Moisture Boost. It’s very rich yet lightweight, and it’s filled with vitamins A, B, Cs, (and) a bunch of super foods like reishi mushroom, chia seeds, ginseng and antioxidants to help soothe, nourish, and hydrate the skin. Now, for oily skin! It’s just as important to moisturize. Do not make the mistake of thinking, “Just because I already have oil oozing from my pores, I don’t need to moisturize.” When you don’t, the skin will think it’s not nourished enough and will signal the pores to create even more oils, which is not what we want. Especially if you’re using any anti acne products, like over-the-counter spot treatment, drying lotions or even prescribed acne medication, which can all be really drying towards the skin. You want to find a moisturizer that’s lightweight and can replenish and soothe the skin. Here’s some moisturizer recommendations for oily and combination skin. The first is CeraVe’s PM Moisturizer, which has ceramides and niacinamide. There’s also Garnier’s SkinActive Three-in-One Face Moisturizer with Green Tea. There’s no silicones, parabens or mineral oils. There’s also Simple’s Water Hydrating Boost Gel, Bliss’s What a Melon Hydrator – this is one of Felicia’s all-time favorites. She fell in love with it on first use. and last, there’s Earth to Skin Manuka Gel Cream which can also be used day and night even though it says just for the day time. For acne prone skin there’s, Differin Soothing Moisturizer which fights acne causing bacteria while soothing the skin, There’s also La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Mat which contains salicylic acid which
helps target excess oil. And the last one is Skin & Lab’s Medicica Calming Cream. It’s a lightweight moisturizer that contains centella asiatica, which is really great for calming redness, irritation, and controlling sebum production. With all the product recommendations we just gave for dry skin, normal skin, as well as oily-combo skin, it’s worth saying right now that for most of these products, you can use day and night. We’re just starting with a nighttime routine. And now, we’re gonna move to the morning routine. Da-da-da-riiing~ The morning routine is pretty much the same, but you should always, always, ALWAYS end with sunscreen or SPF. We constantly tell you guys to protect your skin from UV damage, because we know just how crucial it really is. Trust us, the earlier you start this step, the better your skin will be in the future. Both Felicia and I wish we could go back in time and start slathering SPF on our skin from our youths, as the sun can quickly add a few extra years to your skin. So here we’ll share with you guys some of our favorite recommendations. The first one is Aveeno’s Protect and Hydrate SPF30. There’s a lot of antioxidants and oat that nourishes the skin, while giving it some protection as well as the moisturization that you need. There’s also the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer with broad-spectrum SPF. It’s meant for all skin types so it’s great for normal skin, and the small sized bottle at 2.5 ounces is around $20, which isn’t too bad, A tip when looking for sunscreen for oily or acne-prone skin is to find ones that are oil-free and non comedogenic, so it won’t be too greasy and block your pores. Here are some of our favorites. CeraVe’s AM Facial Moisturizer. It has SPF 30, ceramides, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. Also, Neutrogena’s Healthy Defense Daily
Moisturizer with SPF 50. It has a lightweight formula that is oil free and non comedogenic and you can use as a two-in-one, but (it’s) always better to apply both moisturizer and sunscreen for solid protection. Another one is Purito’s Centella Green Level Safe Sunscreen, As well as Krave Beauty’s Beet Shield (with) SPF 50. And a quick little note here, both Purito and Krave Beauty sunscreens are my favorites, and my skin type is very dry so I think, regardless if you have dry, normal, dehydrated, sensitive, oily (or) acne-prone skin, I think these two are both very great for all skin types. Now you might be wondering, “what about exfoliation?” Fel and I both love to talk about the benefits of exfoliating in the right way with the right ingredients, because chemical exfoliants help to gently lift and buff away the dead skin that could be causing breakouts. But like we said before, your skin in your teenage years is essentially already doing that for you. You don’t want to prematurely strip away and be too harsh on your skin, and start using such potent ingredients fo’ nothing. But in saying that, if you have some issues with breakouts, you can definitely look for a cleanser or moisturizer that contains salicylic acid, which is also known as BHA to sink into the pores to break up the bacteria, that are causing some of these breakouts. One thing to note is that teen acne will not
magically disappear by using salicylic acid everyday, because it also depends on hormones and also what you’re eating, like sugar or milk or cheese or anything…but that’s so delicious. If you want to start adding an additional product into the routine, you can try a toner that’s designed to help further hydrate the skin, because a little hydration never hurt nobody. And if anything, it’s what everyone – no matter the age – can benefit from. And we have a whole video about toners for you to check out if you’re interested~ For me, I didn’t personally start using toners until I think (I was) in my 20s. I think I used Aveeno’s moisturizer-sunscreen. It wasn’t until after college (that) I was like, “Oh, toners exist! The world of skincare exists!” A quick note on serum. Serums generally are little bottles of magic filled with potent active ingredients to target specific skincare concerns. Because of your youth, it is not necessary for you to use serums yet because you don’t really need anti-aging, you don’t really have a lot of sunspots or dark circles or discoloration and hyperpigmentation
to correct. You could use a little bit of hydration and moisturization from serums, but you can get that in toners and/or moisturizers. So in general, serums – as teens – you don’t need it. Save your money, spend it on a good
cleanser, spend it on good moisturizer or a good SPF. Moving on to lifestyle tips. It’s not always easy being a teen, especially when you have to deal with
bumps and marks on your face. So here are some tips and suggestions you can follow to make your transition a little easier, and get you on the right track for clear (and) healthy skin. First things first, avoid any of these so called at-home acne treatments, and I mean the ones that claim to get rid of pimples overnight. One: pimples take at least a day to fully recover, and two: they’re only going to dry out the area and further irritate the skin. You might be desperate and search for toothpaste or lemon… whatever is lying around your house to cure that pre-prom zit. These natural remedies are only temporary solutions that can cause more irritation the more you rely on them, but they’re not actually treating what’s beneath the skin. The main takeaway here is quick fixes… most of the time just help the problem at the surface. It’s always better to dig into the root and fix the problem at the root, rather than trying to stick a bandaid on top or squeeze lemon juice or put toothpaste. Rowena’s thought of the day. Moving on to makeup! It’s okay to wear makeup. It’s absolutely okay to wear makeup. But that being said, if you do wear a makeup, it’s really, really, really important to practice good hygiene. Your skin and pores are gonna thank you. Before you go to bed, make sure to remove your foundation, concealer, eye shadow, mascara… anything that you’ve worn on your face even if it’s just sunscreen. Just make sure you wash your face. it might be tempting to just pass out and get a few extra minutes of sleep, but you won’t be happy when you suddenly start staring at a zit, the size of a mountain on your face the next morning. Every once in a while, wash your brushes and sponges to keep them clean and the bacteria away from your face. And never share your makeup because nothing screams, “infection!” more than dirty (or) used products. Am I right? Am I right? Am I right? And of course, it’s always great to wash our hands before applying makeup, and even wash our hands before we cleanse our face so that we don’t get grimy bacterias like the day’s worth of things we’ve touched onto our face. The last thing we’ll talk about, sometimes, to win the battle with acne, you have to look within. A good tip to follow is to drink lots of water and to have a healthy well balanced diet. This means your greens, eat your proteins, eat your carbs, eat your healthy fats, and you know, enjoy a little. Do not indulge but you know, if want a cookie or a donut here or there, like it’s totally fine. Don’t starve yourself or don’t eliminate these things out of your diets completely. And we made two videos talking all about food that we’ll link down below, as well as in the cards section. And when it comes to managing stress, try to find ways to channel and cope with your emotional stress. Any sort of physical or deep breathing activity helps to release tension and give you that daily pick-me-up. Whether it is working out, whether it is going for a little jog, or sitting down for five seconds to just focus on your breath or even try meditating. If I started meditating when I was a teen, I think I’d be a much more like… (calm and composed) person by now (you’re doing great Ro!) And with all that being said, if you tried everything, if you’ve changed your diet, if you’ve been drinking lots of water, if you’ve been using very soothing and
hydrating non-drying products and you just can’t seem to shake the cute but not wanted growth on our face, it’s time that we would suggest you could potentially look into consulting with a dermatologist to give you professional advice on what you can do for your skin. To summarize everything we just talked about, the question of the century: “Do teens really need toners, serums or exfoliators?” Nope. Mm-mm. The three steps that we really need (are) cleansing, moisturizing, (and) SPF in the daytime. We don’t need to over complicate things because our face is already doing a really, really, really good job in our youth to work its magic. At the end of the day, keep it simple and take the time to learn more about your skin. It is your lifelong friend so get to know it well. And that’s it for today’s video! If you guys have any questions or suggestions about skin care or if there any products or brands you want us to review, leave it in the comment section down below! Thank you guys so much for watching and
we’ll see you in the next one! Bye! (Here’s some bloops for you!) (Ro does the Beauty Within wheel intro) Like smart phones but smart skin. *without emotion* Ha-ha! Hahaha! That wasn’t funny! Let’s not do that! (Ro lols) What is that?! Fel! (LOL) Some of our product recommend- whoa, I just spit. It was like, “Ptoohh!” The first one is Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Gel Cream for… hyalurofjhwi acid! (LOL) Did you hear that? Hyaluronic. Hya-luronic. There’s also Garnier’s Skinactive 3-in-1 Face Moisturizer with sgren- With…with with sgreen-chee! (meant to say green tea lol) We constantly tell you guys to protect your skin from U-Me- U-Me Damage. You me damage. (Sings) You, me damage~ Okay.


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