How to Create a Porcelain Skin Effect in Photoshop

How to Create a Porcelain Skin Effect in
Photoshop welcome to psdesire photoshop & photography Youtube Channel. Creating stunning porcelain skin effect is easier than you may expect. I’ll show you step by step how to achieve the effect in Photoshop This tutorial uses a non-destructive method of photo editing. All editing is done on adjustment layers leaving your original photo intact. first we need to make selection for skin tones When it comes to working with photos of people, there are many times where you need to make adjustments to people’s skin without affecting other parts of the photo. go to Select>Color Range to open the Color Range dialog box. Click the Select drop-down menu and choose Skin Tones. This tells Photoshop to consult its database of possible skin tones and make a selection based on the tones it finds in the photo. Use the Fuzziness slider to refine the selection. Click OK to apply your selection to the photo. Now that it is a selection, go to Select and save selection We are going to add an adjustment layer. click the Adjustment Layer icon. From the options flyout choose Solid Color. Set your solid color layer to pure white. set your Color Fill layer’s Blend Mode to Soft Light. Next double click on your Color Fill layer to open the Layer Style Dialog Box. Head down to the Blend If dialog area. Holding down the ALT key click on the Right side of the marker for the Underlying layer marker. Now begin to drag the split marker all the way over to right. Click OK With your Color Fill layer activated Ctrl + J to Duplicate your Color Fill Layer. With your Color Fill Layers selected use keyboard command Ctrl + G to group all layers. now go back to select tab and load the skintone selection. add a layer mask from adjustment panel To see Layer Mask itself, hold down Alt key and click on Layer Mask thumbnail. Grab your brush tool. Select a size that works well with the image you are working on. Your foreground color should be black and the brush hardness should be set to 0. Continue paint on all areas of the photo except her skin i want to keep her lips to be original so paint on black with small soft brush i want to Make a few tweaks to eyes. lower the brush flow and paint on eye brows to make it darker hold down Alt key and click on Layer Mask thumbnail to check the mask there are still some effect on hair and other part of photo and clean it with black soft brush Make a few tweaks if you desire. Adjust layer opacity, Whatever you feel may enhance your overall results. Here is the end result. before and after this method works best to achieve an amazing vampire effect and improve the overall complexion and also used to brightening skin tones. Thanks for watching our free Tutorials! If you enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe to our channel. post a comment, click thumbs up, like and share to get more videos. see you again in next tutorial.


  1. I have viewed thousands of youtube tutorials on portrait editing but this is the first truly original one I've seen in a very long time. Nice work and thank you.

  2. As everybody said, your tutorials are so easy to understand even to a child! This makes you so unique from other youtubers! Great Video Brother! By the way you are from which state of India? Appreciations & Greetings to you Brother! Please come to my channel & watch my speed art Flyer Design Video! I will feel really Happy for that! Thank you in Advance!

  3. My results are poor 🙁
    When I load my skin selection , the skin tones are cut into harsh layers
    (Photo size 2048 pixels, 150 pixel/inch at 8 bit)

  4. At 1:43 Why do you change the blending mode to 'Soft Light' and then immediately back to 'Normal'? And then at 2:15 you change it to 'Soft Light' but don't say anything?

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