Most people are used to creating content for social networking platforms and often overlook the power of LinkedIn. The main difference. LinkedIn is built for social selling and requires a unique approach to see success.

Some keys for success

  • You should post frequently to get results.
  • You should have lots of content ideas.
  • You should have at the least decent writing skills.

The key to all of this is consistency. Once you get in the groove, you’ll become a natural.

Become a Library and not a Publisher

The key to becoming a library is to be hyper focused. This means:

  • Post frequently
  • Posts consistently.
  • Speak the language of your audience.
  • Narrows down the topics to talk about. (pick a niche)
  • Almost always talks about business-related topics.
  • When you scroll your profile, it feels like you can find answers to your problems in a specific topic.

If you want to be a thought leader, you should be a consistent library others can count on.

Creating topic clusters

A topic cluster is a group of smaller that are built around one broader topic.

By creating a topic cluster, you’ll get rid of constantly asking the question

“Okay, what should I post next?”

Here is an example:

LinkedIn marketing as a cluster

Topics can include:

  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Linkedin content creation
  • LinkedIn ads training
  • LinkedIn growth marketing
  • LinkedIn trends in 2020

And so on. But it doesn’t stop here because every sub-topic has its own sub-topics. Such as:

Linkedin Sales Navigator

  • How to use search
  • How to use the feed
  • How to use filters

You can create a map by using any mind mapping app to get a more clear picture.

Find content ideas on social media

I use multiple social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and even Quora to find my audience and pick their brains.

On LinkedIn, you don’t have to care about specific SEO keywords.

If you can find popular questions, discussion or topics in one of these platforms, you’ll more likely get engagement.

If its popular then it’s proven.

A tip to help you write faster on LinkedIn: Researching without taking notes is a waste of time. Use a note taking app to capture the answers, sentences or language people use on these platforms.

Then when you create content, rephrase their sentences or ideas. In time, it’ll make you a better at copywriting.

Tip: How to use Reddit for content ideas:

  • Find your niche subreddits.
  • Play with filters to find hot and emerging topics.
  • Use the search function within subreddit to narrow your keywords.
  • Find the best topics to analyze.
  • Always go deep in the comments to find the best ideas.

Tip: How to use Quora for content ideas:

If a topic is popular on Quora you can understand it by checking three things:

  • The more followers a question has, the more views it gets.
  • By viewing stats and log you can see the stats of question.
  • The more answers a question has, the more popular it is.

Quora has something similar to Reddits Subreddits called Spaces. They’re basically the same thing so use them as so.

Again pick keywords from your topic cluster and search popular answers, check comments and so on.

Tip: How to use LinkedIn for content ideas:

Simply go to the search, click the content section, and enter your keyword.

Play with the filters and see what content comes out as popular on LinkedIn.

Tip: How to use Facebook for content ideas:

The best way to maximize value out of Facebook is to find and join the related communities and monitor the topics in the group. You can use filters and group search to see popular posts. These will have more of an impact that just browsing your personal feed.

Repurpose content for multiple uses

A very important thing to always keep in mind.

No content is limited to just a single-use.

Let’s say you have a very comprehensive blog post or content that is long form.

You can squeeze it and extract tons of more content out.

  • Make a slider content that sums up your top points
  • Divide it into multiple parts and write long-form posts on LinkedIn 
  • Create a video of the blog post
  • Transform it into a lead magnet
  • Create an infographic out of it and get creative.

If you happen to already have a video form of your content you can still repurpose that:

  • Create a quick 1-3 minute LinkedIn posts of fun snippets.
  • Repurpose them into smaller 15-30-45 sec videos
  • Create slides about it
  • Write a five key takeaways blog post
  • Make gifs out of the raw footage so it plays on repeat
  • Go smaller and capture some photographs from the footage and write about it

There are so many ways to create content the possibilities are endless.

The only thing left is to get out and do it.

Don’t worry if not all your content is 5 stars and top class. You will get better over time.

Quickly you’ll start to realize just how much social selling can scale and really take advantage of LinkedIns engagement power.