How to Wash Your Face (and What NOT to Do) | Tiege Hanley

What’s up guys welcome to the Tiege Hanley
channel and in this video I’m going to talk about how to wash your face and
what not to do so whether you have dry skin or oily skin like me then you’re
definitely going to want to wash your face twice daily once in the morning
once in the evening and always wash your face before you go to bed now let’s get
into washing your face and so the first thing is that you want to make sure your
hands are clean so make sure you wash them with soap before you actually put
your hands in your face because you have some dirty hands put it on your face
it’s only gonna make things worse those would naturally dry skin you can
also wash your face once or twice a day but you might be able to get away with
just once in the evening just make sure you’re washing with you know a nice
lukewarm water if you wash it with too hot of water it might dry out your face
and might make things worse what you’re going to do is going to grab your
cleanser take like a nice pea-sized amount on your finger and then just kind
of rub it gently on your face in circular motions
you know don’t use bar soap again use that cleanser and so after properly
washing my face with the cleanser I like to use a nice exfoliating scrub twice a
week and you know it helps to strip off the dead skin cells from your face and
it exfoliates your skin and it makes it feel nice and cool you can definitely
help to keep your skin looking fresh and clean you know don’t use bar soap again
use that cleanser and before choosing a cleanser you want to have done your
research and know your skin type so that you’re choosing the right skin cleanser
for you I would recommend picking a cleanser that’s designed specifically
for men often times men will use their girlfriends you know skin care products
and that’s definitely not the way to go cleansers for men take into
consideration that men have facial hair because we have an increased risk of
ingrown hairs and clogged pores typically men’s cleansers do not have
collagen because men produce more collagen than women and so we just don’t
need it and typically men have skin that is thicker than women’s as well and so
we need a product that’s going to absorb better and so remember your face is a
sensitive place and so you want to be gentle with it and not be too harsh so
when you’re finishing up washing your face with the lukewarm water and then
you want to just gently pat your face with a clean towel and then you’ll be
good to go that’s it for this video I hope you learned a little bit on how to
wash your face and what not to do you want to dive into another video about
skincare you can click the video over here or if you want to learn more about
Tiege Hanley check out this video over here it’s all I got for this video
thank you for watching peace you


  1. Hey aaron, (hopefully it’s you) leo here, but i got a few questions

    1. For the scrub, what days should I put that?

    2. Does it matter what time of day I use it

    3. IF the answer is morning, do I put all three products on (wash, scrub, then AM) or am I not supposed to mix the products ??

    4. If you don’t know the answer to this last one it’s fine, ⬇️

    but does my hair covering my forehead affect the product to make it not work, I have some hair covering my forehead, would the products be useless at that point???

    Sorry for all the question, just trying to get very specific answers and know exactly what to do so I don’t mess up my face or keep it from working

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