Hey guys! It’s Fumnanya; if you’re new here, welcome. If you’re not, welcome back. I wanted to come on and film this Instagram
baddie makeup look because I have been loving these videos. I’ve watched so many of them, and I just
wanted to come on and do my own take on it. Don’t forget to thumbs this video up if
you enjoy! And definitely subscribe so that you don’t
miss any future updates from me. If you want to see how I got this look, then
definitely please keep watching. Using my MAC prep and prime and peach luster
to color-correct any dark spots I may have. For foundation, I’m doing the usual – I’m
mixing 177 and 175; using 177 as my base. And this is the makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation. We’re going to brush that foundation on
and then blend it out with the beauty blender. I’m gonna to finish up using my universal
brow power pencil by iT Cosmetics, just because I’m out of my Brow Wiz. I’m going clean up my brows using my Sasha
cosmetics concealer pallet. I’m going to set that lid with my mineralize
skin finish and this will just help the shadows blend easier. My brows tend to move around in the heat so
I’m going to use this Makeup Forever brown seal – it’s like a brow wax just to set
them in place. From my Morphe 35OM pallet I’m going to
take this color and this color, kind of mixing it together and just apply that in my transition
area. I’m going to take this color right here
and add it right over that, focusing it a little bit more in the crease. I’m only going to take a little bit. I’m taking this color right here from the
35F pallet, I’m just gonna pat that on the lid. Taking this color right here, I’m gonna
put that in the outer corner of my lid. And I’m kind of dragging it towards the
center. I’m gonna sort of deep in that outer corner
increase area. I’m using a little at a time. I’m going to blend that out to make it a
little more seamless. Taking the brush I used in the transition
shade, I’m going to take more of that blend I used in the beginning and just use that
to blend above the crease. I’m taking that color from 35F again and
I’m padding it on the lid. And this is just to build intensity where
we may have lost it. And before we start on the lower lash line,
I’m going to do my highlight and contour. I’m going to set under my eyes with Buttercup
Powder. I’m not gonna sweep it all the way just
cause we’re gonna do stuff on the lower lash line and I want it to catch the fallout
if there is any. I’m going to contour with my Black Radiance
Powder in ebony. Taking film noir, I’m going to deepen that
contour just a little bit, just to add a little bit more dimension, and then blend it out. I’m gonna smoke out the lower lash line. First color I’m gonna use is this color
right here. Using my mineralize skin finish, I’m going
to sweep away the excess bake. I’m going to blend out the contour using
this brush right here. Now, for the fun part, I’m going to use
my Sigma Line Ace to draw my wing. I’m gonna make it really thin on the lid. While waiting for my lashes to dry on my eyes,
I’m going to start with my blush, and for blush we’re going to use MAC Fever. We’re going to blend the excess off. For a highlighter, I’m going to use prosecco
pop and champagne pop on top of each other because honey. So I’m going to do prosecco pop first. And on top of that I’m gonna do champagne
pop. I’m going to take highlight in the inner
corner of my eye. I’m gonna set my face with the Tatcha Luminous
Dewy Skin Mist. I want my brows to be a little darker so I’m
going to use NARS coconutty. Or Coconut Grove and just darken my brows
a little bit. IG baddie brows are always like bold, so I’m
gonna go a little bit bolder than I would usually like to go. I’m going to take Fluid by MAC and put it
in the center of my lips. And then taking Dolce Caramelo by Milani,
I’m going to dab that on top. And to be a little extra, I’m going to take
a little bit of champagne pop just the tiniest bit, and just dab in the very center. I’m going to line my lips with Bespoken
For (by MAC Cosmetics). Okay guys, that’s it for the video. I hope you enjoyed. Again, thank you so much for watching. I will link everything that I used down below
in the description, just so you guys can check it out if you want to pick anything up. And if you have any questions, feel free to
let me know. We’re almost at 20,000 which is so exciting. Thank you guys so much! Hello to all my new subscribers, thank you
so much for joining us and I really appreciate and love each and every one of you. So, I’ll see you in my next video. I cannot wait! And I love you guys so much! Bye!


  1. Love the look! You are so beautiful! So glad you followed me on insta because it lead me to your page! Subbed and liked! 😍👍🏼 I hope you'll stay in touch!

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