Just Apply This Oil To Your Scalp And Grow Extreme Long Hair And Stop Extreme Hair Loss #DIYhair oil

Hi everyone, I am garima And welcome to my channel So in today’s video ,I am going to share a very special and great homemade hair oil And most important ingredient in this homemade hair oil is camphor And I will add many things in this oil Which would be great for hair But main ingredient in this hair oil is camphor As we all know how important camphor is in ayurveda Smell of camphor Relaxes our mind and body When we apply camphor oil on our scalp It boosts blood circulation on scalp Which promotes faster hair growth And it has many more benefits If you have problem of lice and dandruff This hair oil cures everything So camphor is very beneficial We don’t value easily available things But camphor Cures many problems That is why I added camphor here And I have shared many homemade hair oil videos I shared 3 homemade hair oil videos So I shared other homemade hair oil on my channel too So I keep changing my hair oil every 2 months Because when we continuously use same time Over time it becomes less effective That is why I always keep changing my hair oil every 2 months And by doing so ,my scalp and hair get more benifits So I recommend this you too guys Don’t use same thing for longer time And things wouldn’t used to ,and used to things became less beneficial That is why I always keep changing my hair oil and I always share with You guys So if you want to grow your hair long quickly And want to control hair loss and grow thick hair Or if your hair’s texture is not good Then this hair oil Is going to make your hair longer, thicker And beautiful But before starting the video please subscribe to my channel And press the bell icon So you don’t miss any of my videos Because I always try to bring informative videos Which I promise to be beneficial for you guys So definitely subscribe to my channel And let me know In comment section What you think about this video And if you enjoy my video Then give me a thumbs up Let’s start the video now To make this homemade hair oil I am going To take very first ingredient is sesame oil This is pure and organic When you buy oil for hair should be pure otherwise you couldn’t get benifits In ayurveda it is said that sesame oil Is very beneficial for hair ,if you apply this oil to your hair Then your hair will stop falling out And along with this your hair will grow thick and long quickly And if you have problem of dandruff and lice Then this hair oil cure everything In ayurveda sesame oil is used as a base in almost 90%things In ancient times people used to use sesame oil for hair And that’s why those people had no problem with hair And the hair of those people was very long And this hair oil also control pigment loss But this is warm in nature So if you are making this oil in summers Then use coconut oil instead of sesame oil Because it has warm nature And in summers we should use Oils which has cooling properties So in summer if you are preparing this oil use coconut oil instead of sesame oil Now I am taking Lemon peel,lemon peel is also great for hair It has antibacterial and antifungal properties And it is loaded with vitamin C Which prevent dandruff and lice from hair and cures any infection from scalp And also promotes hair growth And also adds shine to hair Now I will take 10-15 black pepper Black pepper is also very good for hair It has vitamin A And vitamin C Along with that it has property to boost the blood circulation on scalp So when it goes on scalp and boosts the blood circulation as a result of that it promotes fast hair growth Now we will crush it Next ingredient is black seed Also known as black cumin, kalonji seed This is excellent for hair It controls hair loss and grows hair long very quickly And regrows new hair fastly I will crush it Along with that it has thymoquinone antioxidant Which gives so many benefits to our hair It controls hair loss Support hair growth and condition our hair Next ingredient is fenugreek seed Called methi in hindi Fenugreek seed is well known for hair growth Almost everyone knows its benifits It has lots of mucilage content and antibacterial and antifungal properties because of that it prevents dandruff Supports hair growth and also controls hair fall ,so fenugreek seed is very good for hair I have crushed fenugreek seed too If you want you can make fine powder But I crushed it Now new ingredient is camphor This is most important ingredient here,I took 5 camphor cubes This is very soft so It would be easily crushed Camphor boosts blood circulation Into scalp which makes hair growth faster It cures dandruff and lice It kills dandruff and lice It also cures any infection from scalp It has very nice aroma Which relaxes mind and body Now I am going to add sesame oil Sesame oil has wam nature Because of its nature Don’t use it in summers In summers use coconut oil instead of sesame I am taking here 300 ml sesame oil Now I am going to add extra virgin olive oil Because olive oil is local oil Where I live And here this oil is very cheap So Use local oil it would work great for you You can mix two types of oil Or just use only one type of oil It’s your choice I am taking 300 ml olive oil So total oil content is 600 ml I am using Now I turned flame on I put the flame on lowest Now I leave it to infuse But I will not leave it for longer time I leave it only for 5 minutes Then i switch off the flame Now I have infused it for 5 minutes I will leave it to cool down Lemon peel is totally dry So I will not bring out anything from oil I will not strain the oil Now I will store it In glass bottle You must choose glass bottle It should not be plastic bottle I will not strain anything Because everything is dry If lemon peel is not totally dry Then bring it out But If peel is dried then keep everything together It will be effective with time Now as you can see I pour everything in glass bottle Now I will close the bottle And a I will leave it to infuse Leave it at least for 2 weeks Stir it occasionally Because sitting down stuffs Mix well and infusion will be better After 2 weeks This oil will be very effective After 2 weeks you can start applying So This hair oil is very beneficial for hair,this oil prevents hair loss And this hair oil grow hair thick and long fastly If you want your hair to be thick and long Then you must use this hair oil This hair oil is mainly for scalp You can warm it on double boiler Before applying it to scalp Then apply it to your scalp abd massage for awhile Oiling must be done on whole hair before shampoo So You can take 1 tablespoon of this oil Micmx it with another oil And apply all over your scalp This hair oil give so much benefits to your hair So keep this oil for scalp And you can apply any oil to your hair And after applying this oil you can leave it overnight But If you have oily scalp then keep it for only 1 hour Because some people has really oily scalp And applying oil overnight could block pores I leave it overnight because my scalp is normal So it depends on Your scalp how long you should keep oil After leaving it Wash it off with Herbal shampoo So this was today’s video and I hope You have enjoyed my video If you liked my video and want to see me in future Then please subscribe to my channel and share my videos We will meet in next video till then bie and stay happy


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