Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop vs The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% | Best Brightening Serums

I have too many dark spots I gotta work
for it I’m going to get brightening serums hmm oh this is for.. this is containing
10% of niacinamide oh it contains 5% of vitamin C. But what the Zinc is
for tho.. what should I get..!!! What up guyss welcome back to my channel today as you
guys might be implied by the title of this video, I’m going to compare this two
the most popular and the most famous brightening skincare product. I really
like to use brightening skincare products because I don’t wear makeup, so I really
try hard to get rid of dark spots on my skin by using these kind of skin care
products. So anyways I’ve been trying both products like on and off so I
didn’t finish both products yet but still in my opinion, I’ve tried both products as
enough as I can review these products like with tones of details, so yeah this
video is hundred percent reliable i think LOL I wanna start this dear klairs freshly
juiced vitamin drop. The Klairs is rooted in wish company and the famous
wish trend is also under wish company, so I guess you guys might have heard of
this brand already. So Klairs says that you can get rid of dark spots on your
skin by applying this serum and also your pores are going to be shrinked. And
that can happen because of the key ingredient of this serum that is vitamin
C. the famous Vitamin C. So, it contains 5% of vitamin C and vitamin C
has an oxidative effect which can brighten up your skin tone. but actually
it contains a lot of other botanical extracts too as much as vitamin C and
klairs says that they put that kind of botanical extracts because they wanted to
minimize the possibility of irritation on your skin, because of vitamin C. So
yeah I adored that idea but actually it contains some essential oils so that’s
kind of a shame. Because essential oils can be allergic you know? and next is the
ordinary niacinamide 10% zinc 1%. So.. this is from the ordinary and of course it
doesn’t have its own name. But I can’t call it niacinamide 10% zinc 1% every time
I need to call this product so let me just call it NAZ~
you know? Naz. NA, Z. okay so it contains 10% of niacinamide and niacinamide blocks
the way where melanin comes up to the surface of your skin and that’s how niacinamide brighten up your skin tone because melanin is what makes your skin
dark. I hate melanin too but if you don’t have
melanin in your skin at all, then your skin is gonna burn every time you are under
the sunlight. so just don’t hate it too much lol so anyways usual researches say
that if a skincare product is containing niacinamide more than 5% then they can
affect your skin tone and it contains 10% of niacinamide so I guess I can say
that this is such a strong and powerful brightener. And it contains 1% of zinc and
zinc boost the immune system of your skin and strengthen your skin barrier
and also it will help your skin control the sebum. So even though you
don’t need to brighten up your skin tone if you wanna control the sebum by using
skincare products, then I guess you can try this out. So from the perspective of,,,
Oh there’s the ambulance. I know you guys might not be able to hear that.. now you
can hear it right? I can take a break. One time I read a cartoon and she said that
when she was a baby she was so scared about hearing that kind of sounds like
ambulance. But after then her father told her that the sound means people are
saving people right now so after then she is not scared of the sound anymore
such a good story right? Getting back onthe track on both products are so
attractive and super goal oriented so if you guys need to get only one of those
products, then just get any because you are not gonna regret anyways. But if
you’re still confused about which one to get then keep watching this video
because from now on I’m going to compare both products. the smell, texture, cost-effectiveness and how irritating they are. first of all let me talk about the
texture so the klairs one is a little bit oily but still the finish of the
serum is just so refreshing and also it’s absorbed into skin so quickly. and
naz. Hi naz LOL It’s so lightweight and it feels like it’s absorbed into skin so
quickly but still I can say that this is kind of tacky because after I applied
naz on my skin and tried to follow up with other skincare products, then the things
on my skin get kind of watery it just hinders other skin care products from
getting absorbed a little bit. So I don’t use naz at morning because I gotta go to work I
don’t have time — And talking about the smell the smell of this clear serum is so refreshing and every time I apply this on my skin, the smell makes me feel
good and this the ordinary one is kind of the smell of this naz is not that strong
but it’s kind of like it can’t be like everyone’s favorite you know what I mean? ..yeap. And talking about the irritation, both products are irritating like on a
similar level. It’s like if I use one of those products when my skin is sensitized then of course they make my skin more irritated. And if I have acne wounds
like after popping up those pimples, then of course these both products
hurt that kind of spots. so yeah I guess I can say both products are pretty
irritating. Move to the cost effectiveness, both products work pretty well for my skin. As in helpful to get rid of the dark spots on my skin But what I want to say is that how can any skin care products beat the ordinary
product from the view of cost-effectiveness.. right? That’s like a cheap shot.. Not even close to being competitive lol Both products are so good so
worth it and also both can brighten up your skin tone but if you’re still
watching this video then you might be noticed that the detailed features of
both products are hardly similar. So I hope this video helped you choose which
one to get. So that’s all and don’t forget to give me a thumbs up and click
subscribe button and annyeong~


  1. My next video is going to be top5 innisfree products. Cc is available🤗 다음 비디오는 top5이니스프리 제품입니다! 자막버튼 꼭 눌러주세요!!~ㅎㅎ

  2. You should try TO's Alpha Arbutin serum. It lightened my dark spots and hyperpigmentation better than the Niacinamide one 🙂

  3. This video was so helpful! I already use (and love) the Vitamin C drop, but I was curious about alternatives as it can be pricey here in the UK. Thank you for your review! 😊 xx

  4. My skin is dry and i have heard this ordinary niacinamide is for oily skin.i really want a brightening serum but its all so confusing

  5. I also wanna try the klairs vitamin c 😭 coz I wanna brighten my skin. I am on my 3rd bottle on NAZ 🤣🤣 (but its weird, making my skin tingling lately at night) so I am between TO Alpha arbutin or the Ascorbic acid and alpha arbutin 🤔

  6. I was getting my hopes high for Klairs Vit C but too bad it has essential oil 🙁 I will still go for Niacinamide tho, but TO serum didn't really do anything to my skin. So I guess I have to try other options! Thanks for the video. P.s. nice prologue there in the beginning lmao

  7. Love your content. I feel the same way about the Ordinary's NAZ product. 🙂 Like another commenter said, I prefer their Alpha Arbutin one!

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