1. This guy is/was friends with that Tamara girl who was on here last year. Please stop giving attention to these Nicolette Grey wannabes.

  2. $400 flowers lmao what a damn joke. These KIDS deserve 0 attention. That's all they want. And they don't recognize that this attn they get is negative. They crave any sort of attention

  3. Young man you’re no Freddy Mercury!!! You need that motivation to succeed. Not mooch off of your Father!!!!!

  4. don't spoiled kids know by now that going on dr. phil is the worst idea when they're afraid to get cut off? cause dr. phil will be the first to tell them to

  5. “Boujiee Billie” lmao stop It right now. Dr. Phil keeps April fooling me with these episodes. Whatever happened to the “ my husband is sleeping with my sister but he is also a sociopathic alcoholic who gambles and lost our house” episodes? BRING THOSE BACK PHILLIP!!!! nobody in America cares about Boujiee Billie

  6. Dr Phil please stop giving a platform to these teens because this always gives them more attention/followers = money and getting exactly what they want.

  7. It's great! Don't understand why people spend hundreds of dollars on white shoes, that will get dirty very easily. If you're going to spend a couple hundred on shoes, you might as well make them durable shoes that will last a few years.

  8. this man is so lazy and so wrapped up in consumerism it breaks my heart. is this what everyone aspires to be? this is what happens when you've got daddy's money

  9. I have my bedroom turnt into a makeshift mancave. Heater, snacks, duvets, books etc everything I need to kill boredom…but thank God for you tube!!! 😇😷😷😷

  10. Not all … but most gay ppl make it hard to accept them … they try to outdo females on being a female 💯💯💀

  11. Billy Blu you need to wake up and smell the coffee. You have the best skin care line in the world if you put all you force into it.

  12. When he says he can’t find a job I said that he can just have a YouTube channel and be like James Charles

  13. Rule #1 when it comes to manufacturing a skincare line: Have good skin.

    We’re not off to a good start.

  14. His rent is $1,800 a month LOL my mortgage is like 750 a month. Now I know sHe lives in California. Hopefully that Chinese virus fixes that state

  15. Awwwwww! Leave him alone! Support! At least from what I can tell by this clip at least he acknowledges he’s spoiled and isn’t EXTREMELY disrespectful to his parents like most younger people on this show!

  16. Me : stuck at home
    Recommendations pops up :selfish ugly human being that extorts his fathers money because he just is too lazy to get a job

  17. Don't you need to have a decent skin to want to sell your beauty merchandise? This is some jenner scam 😆.

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