1. in my country The commonwealth of Dominica , the virus surfaced on Sunday with one case and has grown to 7 confirm cases and whats hurts me is that the prime minister could have stopped it from happening and he didnt and he still hasnt close our borders !

  2. ❤️ todays video, and not for the product, you are so entertaining you could review ice cubes and I'll be all up in it.

  3. Ooooh…Jackie’s giving me mermaid vibes with her eyeshadow look 🧜🏽‍♀️ Yessss!!! I guess I have to go and cop that Bretman palette!!! ❤️

  4. You look hella good! Please that lip color thanks sis. And …..I may cop Muva for the concealer thanks for having these companies digging in my pockets 👍🏾

  5. I love Jackie's videos so much. She is so hilarious, yet also inspiring at the same time! I appreciate her reviews and the energy that she brings to her channel. She also makes this quarantine MUCH more bearable. Thank you, Ms. Aina! ^_^

  6. Thank you for letting me know this is good. Will be looking into buying. Already have the old version. And I don’t use much but the new formula should be easier. Thank you for sharing 🤗

  7. It's to laugh and relax watching your videos . You are soooo funny . I'm glad to see you're giving out good vibes during this time of lockdown for some and shelter – in , with others . Stay safe . Much love

  8. Jackie for a change once please do a jewellery collection video I saw some beautiful pieces on you and tell us how u feel about every piece ❤️

  9. Love you Jackie. You look gorgeous and I love all the colours!!!! FYI the Tatcha Silk Canvas in mini has been out for a long time. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. +JackieAina if you liked Love is Blind you’ll LOVE The Circle! (If you haven’t seen it already I recommend!)

  11. The Fenty primer also goes well with the born this way foundation. I thought the foundation was greasy also until I stated using it with that primer.

  12. Always Love your videos. 😍😎 Had to say YAAAASSSS to the shout out for Z Gallery sofa. (My goals.)🤗 Cheers!

  13. Yes queen!! I love you Jackie!!! You should review skincare products from Truly beauty! I’m skeptical about and would love for you to review it since my skin is kinda like yours but my skin is a little more sensitive to products!):

  14. The liquid version offers an oil free option to their primer, vs the cream being heavier for more dehydrated skin

  15. Omg!! I can’t believe you’ve never used silk canvas with BTW!!! It’s literally my go to combination for the past year and a half for all major events NEVER FAILS SIS. Thank you for bring awareness to the cause lol 😂

  16. lol literally had to look up the product to see the price because I could not for the life of me understand you no matter how many times i replayed it

  17. Jackie be looking gorgeous per usual! Thank god this video came to keep me happy and entertained :") stay safe yall!

  18. Love the video, what kind of brush do you use for your foundation? I'm in the market for a foundation brush and it's not listed.

  19. Been waiting on Auntie Jackie all week!!! Quarantine ain’t ish without a new Jackie upload. Now excuse me while I binge watch the entire channel. 🔥🔥🔥

  20. Even though is quarantine, now I feel confident to use a pink hair 'cause Auntie Jackie inspired me!

    Lots of love from Brazil 🇧🇷❤️❤️

  21. I really appreciate that you do a full face. That said, I love love love the Tatcha cream version of their primer. I definitely need the liquid version next. Yes, your skin looks amazing.

  22. Unpopular opinion: I hate the original Tatcha Silk Canvas primer, it made my foundations last less and my skin oilier.

    I got a tester size of the new one from Sephora, and I love it.

  23. I couldn’t agree more. Less is better. First time I used silk canvas.. I applied like my old primer. My face was all over the place. I wonder if the liquid last as long as the balm. Definitely on my to get list though.

  24. Gurl, I loved the fact that u did that video with the grill on your mouth. I hope that's what it's called, girl I lived. Ps I'm so lit. Werk

  25. I’m vulnerable due to waaay too many chronic illnesses so I’ve been self isolating from other people as well as my family for a few weeeks already and boi I’m so glad I haven’t watched auntie Jackie so now I can go ahead and binge away 💁🏼‍♀️

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