Natureboy How Do You Send A Student Back Confused At What She’s Saying🙄

going it’s amazing I’m feeling in
lighting not myself hey my feeling really enlightened right now – what’s
the topic of discussion I just wanted to step in and drop my nuggets real quick
um basically I was talking about how I feel like the conscious or the spiritual
community I feel like they kind of forget that we are just consciousness
and awareness and energy and spirit here and this apparatus materialized in this
room to gain experience so that we can elevate our consciousness and get to
that more lower dense realm right but I feel like we get so caught up in this
realm and we get so worried about the end times and the natural catastrophes
that are going on and this body is just an illusion I feel like the whole
material realm is an illusion that makes us feel like we’re stuck here and we’re
really not and also the illusion between like black and white I feel like on like
in combination they talked about how if you’re more melon ated then you have a
better connection to the source and I actually feel like that’s wrong but I
don’t feel like it’s wrong that melon is very powerful and I do know the
technologies of melanin and the special the special qualities that it has and
how it can protect its strengths and everything so I’m not trying to downplay
melanin at all and I don’t want anyone in the audience to get like confused or
anything but I believe that light and darkness are one and the same because of
the law of polarity everything has its poles and do all you know like opposite
so I feel like and I know that light actually reflects the the light spectrum
and darkness absorbs it so I feel like it’s just an illusion
that people are stuck in so my question to you follow that is if it is an
illusion people have a hard time grounding and
leveling out in this density this my operation what’s the purpose what’s the
purpose of what what’s the purpose of us being here it was the purpose of us
going through this experience you know all of you know what we’re seeing or
participating in is an actual illusion what’s that was the purpose oh I believe
that the purpose of us being here is to gain experience and to elevate our
consciousness and to by obeying our consciousness through art getting wisdom
through the experiences that we have so we gain experience and we expand our
consciousness in order to do what’s the lie um really just to experience but
also I feel like we go through tribulations and trials to groom our
spirit in our soul to raise our consciousness and I don’t really know
how to explain it but almost like become stronger or gained more frequency or
something like that as a soul or does that make sense yeah it makes sense I’m
okay I’m smaller because internally feel like the information is is opening up
within me so I just was asking questions so that we can get more of like a point
you know we can have a more of a point um I wanted to touch really quickly on
what you said about the melanin thing I agree with you you know at a certain
elevation at a certain level of consciousness the black and white is all
one you know it’s all one so yeah you can say yeah millinery people are more
close to the Sun but once you transcend you know the the the point where you’re
separate from anything you understand that everything is chemical and as long
as you know how to create the outcome of process you know how to do able to sit
and do anything because you are everything that’s the most higher
perspective knows but once we transcender L&C remember we’re in the
Age of Aquarius not the Age of Pisces so we’re transcending duality which
transcend into a oneness you know the blood the white that has been keeping
separate but it’s really we’re all one in essence all one energy so you’re
absolutely right you know melanin only matters so those who are still
participating the duality paradigm you know wants you to elevate it to the one
the oneness that you understand I can do anything with my mind
so now going back and said that illusion actually you’re right owning your by
owning but is like I’ve just finished watching the movie the matrix yesterday
I watched the first one the second one the third one and at the end it’s like all these things just for him to
sacrifice himself for his on so it was like that’s what life is we go through
these journeys and figure out all it is that we need to know so we just saw that
we can help other people we spread our consciousness we spread it information
just to sacrifice ourselves for the next way for the next thing you know like
again this is we’re speaking about and elevate it most high frequency you know
that’s what God is God is just information or Intel or energy that’s
moving that’s traveling through space you know we call that outer space but
God is also in inner space so you know we are the guys you know on the micro
and the macro but really traveling here in these vessels connecting with
ourselves that’s why you like you said everything is important because at the
end of the day God has to connect with all of itself that’s the only way the
body will assemble that’s the only way the earth will transform yeah yeah I do
believe that we are God or the expression of the all here in a physical
form that we’ve manifested into to experience ourselves to experience the
creation you know yeah you spoke ohm a little bit about the conscious community
this is a message I’m probably gonna do like a really intricate building so the
conscious to moods we also have to reckon
you know our generation I’m not sure how old you are but my birthday’s coming up
next week or the day I was ported in the air I’ll be 25 earth ages young this
generation that 21 to 25 like our age range where the subconscious community
you know where we were baby conscious you know we’re just now becoming super
conscious of what we already were questioning you know I’m pretty sure you
throughout your life even people longer all grew up just questioning things you
know we were the hot were the ones going against the way that’s because we’re the
ones sent here to reprogram the subconscious you know one thing I notice
about the conscious community is while they’re conscious and they spread
information and knowledge they’re still playing the game they’re still playing
this game they’re still participating in this system you know they’re still
creating different things and selling it to us rather than creating this space we
need to just be free but why don’t we have our schools borrow me creating our
own hospitals why are we creating our own transportation services like and
what I mean we are not talking about a color I’m talking about a frequency you
know so the conscious community while they’re doing an excellent job and
bringing people together we have to do an even better job actually changing the
program yeah like taking action yeah yeah and by somebody doing what you’re
doing right now by clarifying the static you know because there is information in
cell that’s been dropped by the conscious community that’s really
disrupted us and what we’re trying to do again we’re bringing everything together
you know like anything that you can’t say I am one and I’m goddamn everything
but then push things away you know you don’t have to destroy in order to build
if we focus on building our own Empire you know the other empires if we’re now
putting into it they won’t exist yeah I’m just smiling cuz someone say I
thought you said you didn’t believe it was right to call ourselves gods I just
want to clarify on that I’m not perfect every now and then I kind of like it’s
hard for me because I was raised in program like on a really like Christian
program so sometimes certain things can get caught up in my mind but then when
I’m alone and I have time to meditate and I really think about existence like
I was today then I start to almost like remember or get back to that state of
mind that reminds me that everything is always mental and we are the source and
expression so when I said that I actually take that back and yeah I’m not
perfect so sometimes I you know like I said but yeah but yeah even that right
they’ve ever made that comment you know just think of that’s that part of
yourself that just wants to check you that just must have remind you and just
know that you don’t even have to tune into that part of yourself because you
know you know but um also another thing I want to speak on I remember you
mentioning density and realities different things peace of love the cool
let’s definitely get on but me I came to the point understanding that while I am
God again


  1. You know nothing. Why don't you just shut up don't start teaching something that you don't know nothing about and talkin about have nothing to do with Millington have nothing to do with it. Is you bout getting back to source? You know, you can't you're not a teacher.

  2. First off, she should avoid any group that still blames the white man for everything. She comes back confused but she should seek true knowledge.

  3. You know what? No one at the sacrifice nothing. I didn't come here to sacrifice myself for you and nobody. I'm here. To enjoy life on this planet and connecting to my source. Cuz we all are Connected To Source. He is energy. He is everywhere. He does not pick a color or DNA in your body. That's human that's thinking like that. I only father source. I would like it for 4. A better place and a higher self connect to how was I connect to that? And appreciation as I call it. And it should be called appreciation not thankful grateful. It does not mean it. Appreciation showing that you love yourself and your love life all around you. And you would know what's going on. Once you connect to your higher self. And connect to source source want us to connect? To the high energy That's why it's best for you. Sit down. Glad your mind and meditate on what you want. Do you know what you want?

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