Rainbow Six Siege: Ash Tomb Raider Elite Set – New on the Six | Ubisoft [NA]



  1. For my fellow siegers, we leaguers have felt the same pain with lux as well, we can all cry about not getting our skins

  2. When an special forces game honors the old Lara look but its original developers does not in shadow of tomb raider lol.
    By the way this game is a joke lmfao.

    Very clownish at this point.

  3. Rainbow six can get Ash or LARA in shorts & dual pistols, but HER OWN GAME MADE BY HER CREATORS CAN’T !?!? What is really going on. 😡🤔

  4. I love Lara Croft so much, This skin Its awesome. Really like a dream come true ! The problem is about this HAIRCUT! 0:33 LOL HAHAHA Soo Funny !!!!

  5. You should be able to get elite skins from alpha packs – like getting a knife from a case in CS:GO. The chances are slim (something like a 0.2% chance), but not impossible – Many people would love to get an elite skin but not everybody is willing to pay £15+ for a cosmetic item. Just an idea

  6. What they have done to you, Lara…
    What next? Montagne's Templar skin?
    Lesion's Three Kingdoms skin?
    Caveira's Carnival Rio DeJaneiro skin?
    And yes, Tachankin's Cosmonaut Gagarin skin.
    Ah, and my favorite, Kapkan's Assassin's Creed skin.

  7. As much as I hate to see this announced before cavs official announcement, this isn't half bad, aside from the fact she already has another two elites

  8. do anything with new maverick macgyver elite set.

    victory animation


    just made
    gadget skin

    ar-15.50, m4 gs and 1911 tacops
    weapon skin

    macgyver maverick chibi

    like to make it real.

  9. When outbreak came out and her elite was just released everyone said it was trash then people wonder why she gets another don’t you see the developers Liston like how they gave Bosg a of and how they are giving tachanka a rework all ubi is doing is fixing there mistakes.

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