Skin Fade | Classic Side Part Haircut Tutorial | Step By Step Instructions With Useful Fading Tips

hello everyone and welcome to another
video from Rum Barber I know we were planning to step back from fade
tutorials this year and focus more scissor work but we still get a lot of
questions about fading which is your preferred method what method are you
using currently and more specific questions like how do I get rid of that
first guideline so this week I filmed two customer haircuts I thought I could
use those tutorials both of these cuts were filmed during an actual working
day so forgive the sometimes awkward camera angles both customers are growing
at the top of their hair so only required minimal scissor work and the
majority of the work was on each fade this is the first of the two cuts and I
will hopefully have the second one up soon as my client was growing the top of
his hair and had all even getting the sides cut there was a bit of a
disconnection happening between the sides of the top I do want to maintain a
weight line in this cut so I’m going to work for the horizontal graduation to
remove length for build weight my first section runs diagonally forward from the
end of the parting the hair is combed out and slightly down
and a horizontal line is cut about a fingers depth from the head a second
diagonal forward section is taken again from the parting to about halfway
between the previous section and the front hairline again the hair is pulled
out slightly down and a horizontal line is cut a third section starting from the
parting runs diagonally forward this time to the front hairline and hair is
cut the same way the final section on this side runs
directly parallel to the parting the hair again is pulled slightly downwards
and the line is cut horizontally at the crown area take a diagonal back section
and cut a line from the previously cut hair towards the center back of the head take another diagonal back section which
runs across to the opposite side of the head and cut a similar line now repeat
this process on the other side when complete comb all the remaining
hair across and remove any excess hair that is longer than the weight line we
have created to begin the fade I level out the surface with a number two guard
working up to the weight line next I create my bald guideline going up
about one fingers depth above the year to bald out cleanly I’m using my foil I
clear the majority of the area and when I get near the first guideline I start
reducing the pressure and slightly flicking out here you can see the amount of space I
leave below the guideline I work on the hair left by the foil with my trimmers
this starts to create a smooth blend from skin to the fade my next guide
line is created using my clipper with the lever fully open I take this up
about 3/4 of an inch now this is what I really want to
explain what I do I always blend this area first as many people do but in
videos it’s often hard to see what is exactly going on so if we look at this
diagram these two lines represent the second guideline created by the clapper
with the lever fully open I usually close the lever halfway and I go right
up and flick out just under the top of the guideline roughly about here then I
close the lever fully and go up two-thirds of the way in flick out so
about here the reason I take the lever half close so high in this guide is
because later you will be extending the initial lever fully open higher up
turbit here so that you can stretch out the blend so this is me starting with
the lever half-closed going right up under the top line now with the lever fully closed I work
on the bottom two-thirds of this area we asked a lot about removing that
initial line so this is the method that I use a lot
I used the trimmers in a downward motion from just a little above the line
that you’re trying to remove I find this removes the hair in a controlled
way letting you keep going at the line until you’re happy with the blend I also
use the corners of the trimmers to chip away areas that are harder to blend now with my one guard fully open
I create my next guideline starting with the half guard fully open
I work up flick out just below where I left off the one guard open next I closed the lever half way and
continue blending down finally I fully closed the lever and
blend out the bottom of the guide at this point I refine the blend by
opening and closing the lever as necessary to remove any imperfections I only
really use the corners of the blade as you have greater control and can refine
narrower areas again using the downwards motion this time with the foils I
completely remove any trace of a line created when using the foils initially to connect the fade to the top length I
use a clipper or in this case a trimmer over comb technique here I’m adding a line in the parting
area just as a slight enhancement you can see the shape of the new Babyliss GoldFX really help when doing something like this to style I re-wet the hair and apply some
Daimon Barber texture clay I combed the clay into the hair so it is distributed
evenly and dry into style and here’s the finished result we really
hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful if you did please like this
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you next time


  1. Sure got sick of that music by the end of this. Great skill though. Wonder if this barber could sort out my disastrous hair?

  2. I actually like when people leave a weight line around the head and then take it out using shears over comb with the thinning shears. I've tried it and I cannot seem to master that technique

  3. That’s the biggest flat top comb I’ve ever seen! 👀 I like the trimmer downward motion technique; I need to try that. I also love the visual drawing. Great video! 👏👏👏👊🏻✂️💈

  4. What season are you guys in Scotland??? We are in the Summer here in the US, I just noticed your nice leather jacket and wondering if it’s just for style or if it’s cold out…. and nice work by the way

  5. Great work and really clean fade . I advice you to use 0.5 closed,as putting the first guideline,(the length is about the same as open lever,)it will help with the speed and precision(not flicking so much).Because it feed the hair better (close lever).

  6. Awesome video tbh the best I have seen will be taking some of those techniques thank you so much for a fab lesson

  7. Hey Rum barber!! As always, GREAT VIDEO!!
    I have a question, how long should a haircut take? Whats a good time to finish a cut to make your client not feel rushed or not have him sit too long for a cut?

  8. This has to be one of my favorite videos from you! The break down of the line really helped & I’m going to try that this week following your steps! As someone who has watched nearly ALL of your videos your page has been the most helpful as a new barber in the industry. Much love from Connecticut! P.S. ever thought of doing a video about blow drying techniques & which is the best blow dryer?! All the best! 🏴‍☠️

  9. Rum are you supposed to flick out while fading? In the video it looks like you’re digging in and just attacking the same spot

  10. The amount of detail in removing that bottom line actually got me excited to try it out .. most helpful channel on YouTube

  11. Amazing video! Very eduational, one thing i find when working the 0-0.5 line closing/opening it 3-4 times (75%,50%,25%) blends more smoothly and requires less corner work, just something to try keep up the amazing content

  12. how did you get the gold babyliss FX Trimmers when there not available to the world till July? and how do you rate them too? As on instagram there rated the worlds best trimmer! ??

  13. Thank you for watching our video if you liked this, check out our video ‘How To Completely Remove The Line Created By A Foil Shaver During A Skin Fade’

  14. Hi there. Just a quick question – after balding out, you put in a .5 (no guard, open) which is generally what I would do. But I noticed in another tutorial you went straight in with a 1 closed. I liked the look of this method, so I was hoping to adopt it going forward to see if my fades are cleaner.

    Does it make much of a difference in either of those methodologies? Thanks.

  15. Hi, have you zero gapped the magic clip? Is there any tutorials you know of about magic clip blade alignment best for skin fades please? Thanks

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