So as you saw I’m in my kitchen today mostly because in my apartment I have like a like a loft Apartment and the bathroom is like on one side. It just it doesn’t really get good light So we’re doing this in the kitchen today, okay? I really did not expect this to be so difficult to talk with its kind of becoming a little bit of a fail here There we go before I put my little beard back on let me just say a couple things okay, first of all this routine Changed my skin if any of you guys remember I’m sure a lot of you too. If you’ve been watching my videos for a while my skin used to be it like so crazy Sensitive it broke out all the time I would get like little constellations all over my forehead and we would joke about it as a whole thing and I swear, my skin has just Completely changed with some of the tips that I’m going to tell you guys about and the products I’m going to tell you guys about and second thing that I wanted to preface this video with saying wait what it’s second thing I wanted to say before we get into this video is that I have very dry skin now I used to have oily skin I have super dry skin so this I mean I hope that it helps all of you guys that wash this if you get a chance to try out these this little routine But specifically my dry skin guys and girl out there. I think this is gonna really really help you guys out So again favorite masks that I use all the time couple times a week at least the Neutrogena hydro boost Hydrogel mask such a good one for dry skin And again, I’ve talked about this for years, but I really do think that this helps keep that moisture Locked in while we sit here. I actually wanted to tell you guys. Oh my god. My leg is stuck. We always sit here I wanted to tell you guys about Water and I’ve mentioned this before. Oh my gosh Wow. I like got this one. Really Well, I have a weight on jinx myself but it’s not moving so I can talk to you guys while I have this on water water water is So important for your skin. Okay. I know I really emphasize that but it’s really really true so I talked about this once before but when you have dry skin and It’s any bacteria or oil from your hands or whatever it gets on your face. I know right now Obviously, we’re not supposed to be pretty much touching our face at all Especially if we go outside for any reason, but we’re supposed to be quarantine. So I hope you’re not going outside, but besides the point Anytime your hands touch your face if there’s any oil if there’s any bacteria if there’s any anything and you have dry skin that immediately will form a pimple because your skin does not produce enough oil to push out the sebum or whatever Right away so the only way that if you have dry skin that you’re gonna Help keep your skin as clear as possible is if you’re drinking a ton of water I literally drink like five to six of these bottles a day and this is what 40 ounces 1.8 liter or 1.18 liters worth I drink I try to drink as much as possible Sometimes I could be four sometimes I gonna be three sometimes I’m gonna be six bottles like depending on how I’m feeling obviously But I just drink as much water as possible because what’s gonna what’s gonna happen. Is that that water? pushes out Whatever’s under the skin and helps keep your skin break out free That is the number one tip more than any other product more than anything else that I’m gonna say in this video that I need to tell you guys about because it literally changed my life and I learned about this through a esthetician and registered nurse so I’m not just making this up like it’s it really is true And it really does help especially if you have that dry skin because if you have oily skin Sometimes your natural oils can help push out the bacteria itself but even so whether you have dry skin normal skin oily skin water is like a savior and I also feel like it makes my under eyes like Plumper or something like it doesn’t it just makes the wrinkles kind of like going I really see a difference whatever. Okay, drink water and That’s something that we could all do, you know, like especially right now while we’re home drink as much as you can. Oh My god, it’s hard to drink with this. Oh my gosh, I feel like Um, what’s it called – Voldemort. I’m gonna go through and apply all the products like serums oils moisturizers Etc. But obviously I’ve already cleanse my face. So I’ll just talk about these really quickly my favorite cleanser of all time Is this Kate Somerville goat milk moisturizing cleanser? Oh My god, it’s so good. Especially if you have dry skin again because it actually looks like a lotion and when you apply it and just like get it all over your face it really Moisturizes the skin as your cleansing if you want a drugstore option What I would recommend is the CeraVe hydrating facial cleanser. I’ve used this guy I Got it right on to the Cape number one, but let me put a little bit right? Oh my god There are yeah I’ve used this one for a long time, I’m sure you guys have heard me talk about this one again Okay. This pass is just really not worth it. I don’t personally feel like cleansers are going to be Life-changing because it’s just not on your skin as much as like a serum or an oil or something of that nature You’re really just using it to get off You know your makeup the dirt the oil that’s on your face So I think using something that’s gentle that works for your skin is great It’s not gonna be life-changing but something that you enjoy is obviously great and that’s how I feel about this goat-milk one Okay, so finally we’re done with that Oh my god I literally feel like I couldn’t like probably talk with that on also look at like I feel like my quarantine Glam is coming to a close end like my lashes on this side My lash extensions are like all falling out and then this sides like fine So what I look straight, I feel like it looks like I’m super super lopsided or something Like do you see this and then these two nails? Broke, but I can’t go to the nail salon. So I Super glued them back on I don’t know if you could even tell But it looks so rich like I’m actually kind of embarrassed and I feel like people are looking at my hands Once I take the mask off I usually like press that Serum that was on the mask into my skin, but my skin are you like slurped it up? Because I’m so dry. But the next step that I go in with is this Shiseido Ultem UHN. So this is not a serum It’s actually a concentrate and it is it’s like oh, yeah I’ve never really seen anything else like this But pretty much it’s like what I would describe is like a booster like it boosts other products so you want to use this first so that anything else you put on top of it basically works like Two three times harder at what you want it to do. This is expensive But I feel like it’s a really good investment because it’s basically gonna make all your other products work better and it smells so good I love it And then I’ll go on with my own next in which I know you guys have heard me talk about again This is probably the only product I would say that really helped clear my skin. It’s a benzoyl peroxide So obviously you have to see whatever works for your skin benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid I’ve definitely found that benzoyl peroxide is like key for me and I only put this on once a day now but basically I Don’t know like up to pea-sized amount to peace sized amount put it all over my face and this helps protect against the bacteria that usually causes You know breakouts or pimples and it really has helped my skin stay clear as much as possible This is a prescription one So that’s why I haven’t really like I don’t know why I don’t talk about too often But I really do feel like it’s made a huge difference for me. Obviously you have to see a Dermatologist or somebody to prescribe you this but if you’ve tried a lot of other things and nothing else has helped Really really cool not cool, but really helped. I love the summer. Fridays CC me serum It’s a really great one for my cottonmouth up. I’m literally out But that’s all I have left and I usually use a lot more than that but it’s really good for hyperpigmentation Clearing scars brightening the skin illuminating the skin it has vitamin C in it So it really really helps to get you that like radiance You can see like as soon as I put it on it makes my skin more radiant. I need to Get a new one because I just obviously ran out Hmm this is another one of my favorites the Clarins double serum Really great for a dry skin because it’s a double like it’s a two-in-one hydric and lip hitting serum So it’s gonna lock in that moisture create a moisture barrier so that your skin actually stays Feeling good feeling hydrated You know I’m trying to say I feel like this is what keeps my skin looking glowy and radiant throughout the day and then what I like to do is take my Clarisonic so This I would say is like my little secret weapon for really sculpting the face this is the massage head and All I do is after I take my serum. I’ll go in my jawline and then also my cheek bones and like Basically just massage upwards in an upwards motion This has amazing anti-aging benefits it helps like obviously I love doing it with my serum because it helps get the serum into my skin even better and you see how when I’m molding like when I’m pressing this into skin it almost like molds under the cheekbones I Sweat her. It makes a huge difference in my jawline and how like snatched my cheekbones look so Something that I always love incorporating into my skincare routine Are we snatched are we snatched up? Okay. Also, I wanted to mention a really good drugstore option for serum If you are looking for one the Neutrogena hydro boost hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid is one that I would highly recommend Just because it is very very moisturizing. I’ll put a little bit on The back of my hand for you guys super super moisturizing has a great consistency. It’s lightweight. It feels good on the skin It’s gonna keep that one strike little bit it’s gonna keep that moisture in and it’s just a really good option in again if you’re looking for You know an affordable option next up We’ve got Kate Somerville dermal quince wrinkle warrior hydrating treatment advanced hydrating and plumping treatment This is such a good product If you’ve ever heard of Kate, Somerville she’s a celebrity facialist and she has like a clinic here in LA and she’s pretty much known for like oxygen facials and this my friends is like basically an oxygen facial, but an at-home version so she created this little spout And it pretty much gives you the same benefits as that oxygen facial in the sense of like really getting that hydration into the skin and you could see like when it comes out it actually sprays out and then it releases the ingredients onto the skin and it really helps keep my skin as Moisturized and plump as possible. So I’ll put that on but pretty much all my Products that I love and I feel like has really changed my skin are for keeping it hydrate because I found that for me Hydration is key like from literally what I’m drinking all the way to what I’m putting on my skin and then obviously keeping acne at bay with using like a benzoyl peroxide or salicylic Salicylic acid whatever is gonna work best for your skin Um, so then I go in with an oil this is my absolute favorite oil the DLO oil age defying oil from Kate, Somerville I literally love her products like this is not sponsored at all But I just feel like they really make a difference in my skin like I get to see it I could see oh my gosh Am I shaking the camera? My foot was on the tripod, but I could really see a difference in my skin So that’s why obviously I love it And with oil you want to rub it in to your hands first And then press the product into the skin because if you rub it into the skin It’s gonna act like a cleansing oil and it’s gonna remove whatever you have underneath So with oils specifically serums – but I think like oils really like watch out for this You want to be pressing the ingredients and the nutrients into the skin? Loie we are getting I love doing my skincare routine And again if you’re looking for an affordable option I would recommend the derma e radiant glow face oil another one of my all-time favorites and obviously no matter how old you are Definitely you want to be using an eye cream So I’m gonna use the Murad retinol youth renewal eye serum really great one because it has retinol in it So it’s gonna help, you know protect against wrinkles fine lines I never anything like that and you want to use eye cream Every morning and every night no matter how old you are because I feel like it’s just such a good You know preventative measure even if you don’t have wrinkles yet. You want to keep it that way Neutrogena hide reviews water gel. I feel like for moisturizers in general I like to look for things that are lightweight because obviously when you’re wearing makeup You don’t want something super heavy nighttime is a little different but this is more like my daytime skin care. You don’t want anything That’s gonna call your pores You just want to keep your skin nice and hydrated because if you if I use something too heavy on my skin it Immediately caused my pores and I will get a breakout like literally the next day so lightweight hydrating is key if I have any left, I’ll literally just put it everywhere because why not and then for nighttime I highly recommend this fresh Lotus youth preserve green face cream. It’s so good every single time I use this at night I wake up and the next day like my skin is just glowing I feel like it gives my skin like a drink of water or something overnight and it just does So much for the skin like it really feels nice my skin You know what? Sometimes you wake up and your skin feels like uh, like when I use it is my skin like yeah Whatever you did. I love you yeah, it’s my skin talking there and it smells so good – It smells like peach or something peaches and cream sunscreen I’m super important as well. I love this one from Shiseido. So it’s their ultimate Sun protector lotion 50 plus Syncro shield wet force and heat force. So oh my gosh for reason why I love this one. You have to shake it up Really really well, but you’ll see it’s a cool consistency It’s very liquidy, but it’s not completely white So it’s actually like it turns invisible. You see that so obviously there’s no Flashback, we love that and then on top of that it is like I said wet force and heat force So basically, you know a lot of sunscreens when they get super wet Or if it gets past a certain temperature it stops working And this one’s gonna work no matter what pretty much and again now that we have that oil long You want to press all your other products onto the skin so we did I cream obviously you guys know I love my derma e scar gel if you’re dealing with acne scars at all Please try this out This is the number one thing that helped me when I was going through all my breakouts and everything This helped heal them so much faster than they would have otherwise And I think I’ve been using this for probably I don’t know three years straight maybe even more at this point But whenever I have like a little scar I’ll put this on morning and night even sometimes during the day if I’m not wearing makeup and it heals it like Double as fast it’s not triple as fast as it would Without because my scars stay a really long time if I don’t do anything So I love the scar gel for speeding up the process of that those scars like um, what’s it called? Going away disappeared toxic ki-suh lip mask my favorite So good. So moisturizing on the lips like feels like really juicy. Alright, and that is it That is the skincare routine that seriously has changed my life like I swear I never thought that my skin would look this clear and this consistently glowy radiant moisturize hydrated I think the number one thing to think about when you’re looking at your skincare routine is am I doing something? For you know, my problematic areas for me. It was breakouts. So obviously I got on the benzoyl peroxide product It’s called O next and I don’t know if I even mentioned that but yeah, it’s called own exid Drinking water is like I can’t even stress how important that was for me and how much that helped my skin in general And then on top of that since I have dry skin really moisturizing and hydrating and all that. So I Love you guys. I hope you’re staying safe Again, let me know whatever you want to see right now You know what while we’re all stuck at home And I hope this helps you out. If you’re dealing with anything just know you’re gonna get through it and See you next time nice

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