SUB) 3천원 바세린으로 블랙헤드 없애기?! + 블랙헤드 클렌징오일 (피부좋아지는법) Black head remover “Vaseline”⎮ 미소정 SmileJ

Can you see that the nose turned white? Can you see the blackheads?
I think a lot of sebums have been removed. Hello, I’m smile-J. Ladies and gentlemen, blackheads with three-dollar Vaseline.
Do you want to know if it can be removed? I’ll test it myself to answer your questions! Many people say that Vaseline is bad because it fills the pores. So I’m going to show you how to use Vaseline and cleansing oil together. This video doesn’t include any advertisements, so I hope you enjoy it. Let’s get started. I’ll use a cotton swab to apply Vaseline. Please apply Vaseline all over your nose. I’ll wrap it up with plastic wrap. It’s hot! Prepare a hot wet towel. Use this towel to steam massage for 30 seconds. I’ll take the plastic wrap off. Please wipe off the Vaseline on your nose. I’ll wipe the Vaseline lightly and then use cleansing oil. Use dry hands at this time. It won’t irritate you if you apply it too much!
Don’t spare any oil and apply a lot. Use your fingers to massage. I can feel that blackheads are already out. If Vaseline is left, it stops pores, so it’s important that you wipe it thoroughly with cleansing oil. Now let’s use a little water to melt the oil. Can you see that the water has turned white? Now, you can wipe it off with a fine stick. Can you see the blackheads just came off? It’s important to use a cleansing foam to clean it up thoroughly! For detailed cleaning, you may want to use an electric silicon cleanser! I just washed my face. My nose is really stuffy, right? Before I did, I touched the blackhead, but now it’s really smooth. I think some sebum has been removed. I’m going to do skin care now. Let’s put toner on our makeup cotton pads and rub the nose! Cool toner can be used to temporarily contract pores. If toner with ‘BHA’ is used, dead skin can also be removed. Instead, we recommend using Vaseline and BHA toner once a week. To finish, use lotion or cream to moisturize the skin. It’s impossible to remove the blackheads and pores. If you remove it with cleansing oil, blackheads don’t come out easily.
[Personally, it’s better to use cleansing oil without Vaseline] I hope you’ll try this method often. Thank you so much for coming to watch today’s video. See you in the next video.


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