If you are in need of an easy an effective way to increase your chances with engaging with your clients, get more RFPs and strengthen your business relationships, you are in the right place.

Through analyzing thousands of sales emails, we have found that prospecting emails are most effective when they are personalized yet scalable. Prospecting is always a numbers game, but how do you make each attempt the most effective it can be?

There are a few simple tricks you can use to write personal prospecting messages at scale and increase your chance of a response –

(1) Direct your message to a specific individual

Avoid emailing a group of people or multiple individuals on a team when sending an initial prospecting email. Direct your message to ensure that person feels the responsibility to ultimately respond. At advertising agencies we find it effective to identify a few senior investment team members (Group Director, Associate Media Director, VP, etc) as well as a few junior members (Media Planner, Supervisor) and reach out individually to increase your response rate.

(2) Write a short and direct subject

Make sure you include a subject in your email if you want to get a response. Emails are increasingly opened on mobile devices, where long subjects get cut off, so 3-7 word subject lines are most effective.

(3) Keep your words brief yet be specific

If you want a response, aim for a message length of 50-125 words.

(4) Always ask a question

If you want a response to your email, give the recipient a question to answer. Do you want to schedule a meeting? call? or learn more about their priorities? Asking 1-3 questions in your email gives you the best chance of getting a response.

(5) Keep the reading level simple

Reading grade level provides an estimate of how complex your writing is. Surprisingly, emails written at a 3rd grade reading level (i.e. emails that could be understood by someone with a 3rd grade education) are most likely to get a response.

(6) Be positive, but not too positive

Positivity is a measurement of how positive (words like amazing or wonderful) or negative (words like awful or terrible) your tone is. The highest response rates come from emails that are slightly positive or slightly negative in tone. This is difficult to exactly measure but keep this in mind in your outreach.

(7) The art of the timely follow up

The most effective prospecting emails are ones that come in sequence. Salespeople often think they can send one email and expect an immediate response. What some don’t realize is that even without a prospecting answering your initial email, you still have an opportunity to build a rapport with them by writing timely follow up notes.

The Template

Here is a template that you can use to email anyone to ask for anything. Our emails are focused on media sales often focused on ad agencies. However these templates can easily be adapted to any industry or focus.

Hi Joan,

[Being Positive & Personable] How was your weekend? My team at LazyCPM and I have been working with several teams at Publicis and I was surprised we had not got a chance to meet yet. I’ve only heard great things about you and would love the opportunity to connect soon.

[Value Proposition] LazyCPM powers a network of premium business publications that reaches thousands of business and advertising professionals. We work with brands such as Slack, Apple and Dell to engage with their key audience of decision makers throughout their work day.

[Your Ask] Do you think we may be able briefly meet when I’m at the Publicis office next? I’ll be coming by Thursday (4/17) as well as Tuesday (4/20) – let me know if your schedule may work either day to connect and we can see if we can find 30mins.

[Show Appreciation Close] I appreciate your time and look forward to it.



First Follow Up Template

Hi Joan,

[Being Positive & Personable] How’s the work week treating you? I was just reading about Publicis’ recent nomination for Agency of the Year and it reminded me to reconnect with you.

[Your Ask] Do you think we may be able to schedule a brief meeting to share more about LazyCPM with your team?

[Show Appreciation] I appreciate your help with best next steps.



Second Follow Up Template

Hi Joan,

[Being Positive & Personable] How are you? I understand if things may be busy, I’ve had quite a hectic week as well! I was hoping to reconnect with you on the note I sent last week in regards to scheduling a brief meeting with your team.

[Ask] Do you think we may be able to make that happen some time later this month?

[Looping in the Scheduler] If there may be someone else on your team you recommend I connect with to schedule a meeting, I appreciate you putting us in touch.



Consistency + Value = Higher Response Rate

There is no perfect science to getting a response from a prospective client. The key is to stay personable, provide continued value and consistently have a clear ask in every email note you send to maximize your chances to be successful.

As long as you do this, following up multiple times with someone doesn’t come off as a nuance but rather shows your determination to provide them with something of value, show your personal effort and ultimate want to help our clients succeed as collaborators.