The Story of CrankGameplays

I’m Ethan Nestor or CrankGameplays on
the internet. I do gaming stuff and vlogging stuff and kind of whatever I
feel like uploading or creating. I definitely think I identify way more as
a youtuber now and I just like creating things rather than specifically gaming
stuff. So I started YouTube when I was 15 and ever since I was little I’ve always
been fascinated by like the film industry and everything. When my brother
and I were super young we constantly made home videos and then I wanted to
try and do acting stuff and then when YouTube first became a thing and I saw
other people making videos I was like “hey I can do that same thing”. So one
night at like 2:00 am on August 29th we recorded our first video and then I
just haven’t stopped. I think that’s a scary thing about YouTube is that it’s
so new that people don’t really know where it’s gonna go and how big it’s
gonna get and so a lot of people are just trying to create as much as they
can for as long as they can because nobody knows what’s gonna happen because
it’s all so new. When I first started making videos it was definitely more of
an act. I didn’t know what kind of personality I wanted to show on the
Internet. And I think that’s something interesting
about making videos. When you’re on camera you are like putting on an act.
You’re playing yourself up and back then I didn’t really know how to do that
without becoming like a weird character. And you could tell that I was trying
really hard whereas now it’s like okay when I’m getting ready to record like
it’s a lot more natural and it’s just like a hyper exaggerated version of
myself. YouTube was the first thing that I had found that like I really, really
loved and if other people have done it then that means that I can – I don’t
want to give up on this thing and I also want to prove the people wrong that have
said that you can’t do this thing. And so that was the biggest motivator for me and
I’m a firm believer that if you’re truly passionate about something and you’re
willing to work really hard and be dedicated then you can do that thing. I
think the thing that I’m most grateful for is just the support that I got from
my family. I told my parents I want to take a gap here and just focus on
YouTube and see where it goes and then after that year if nothing happens then
I’ll go to school. During that time it did grow a lot and then my friend Mark
asked me to move out to LA and so it just sort of worked out. My family was
always very into creative stuff and that’s what they were pushing me to do
was doing creative stuff and they were like you should you should try it if it
works out great if it doesn’t and you know you’ll have to figure something
else out. I was a gymnast for 10 years and that’s like all I did and then I
found YouTube and so I was doing YouTube and gymnastics and I was really
passionate about those two things so I started getting bad grades, so at that
time I had to choose between gymnastics and YouTube and that was one of the
hardest decisions that I’ve ever had to make. That was a really big turning point
in my life and so I had to really look at myself and look at my life and be
like okay what, what do I value more. Do I want to give that up in pursuit of this
other thing or do I want to give up this new thing and stay on the track that I
have been going at. Everything has led up to who I am now and where I am now so I
wouldn’t go back and change anything at all. I think the growth of my channel has
affected me a lot in many different ways. I’m not really the same person at all as
when I started. I think change is really really good, even if part of that journey
is me having a bad part of my life. You always grow from those experiences
so. Moving out to LA has also changed me a lot. I think for the better you know
I grew up in a town of like 10,000 people. It’s made me like more motivated
because there is more opportunity on the opposite end of the spectrum, I think I
judge myself a lot more than I used to and I have like higher standards for
myself now. And I’m way harder on myself now than I
was back then. When I first started making videos I think I was less worried
about the Internet’s reaction to what I was doing because I didn’t even expect
anyone to watch anyway. I think the hardest thing that I’ve had to learn is
to not not pay attention to comparisons as much, there were so many times where I
was just like looking at what other people were doing and constantly
comparing it to what I was doing and so when I started focusing more on myself
and what I wanted to do it got a lot easier and I was like no I’m just gonna
do my own thing do what I enjoy and do it, the best that I can do! It’s tough but it’s gotta be somebody so
why not you. I just remember there being a point when
I first started making videos that I was starting to get more consistent about it
and starting to actually gain a community. As soon as there was a
community behind it and there was people that kept coming back, that was the
turning point where I was like oh I want to be doing this. I’ve definitely
questioned whether I’m on the right track or if I’m making the right
decision. I’ve never regretted it for a second but there’s definitely been time
towards like, I should, I should think about other avenues if this were
to fail. You just kind of gotta create what you can while you can do it and
just hope that like everything does work out. If I had any tip for somebody
starting just creating at all, do it for the right reasons. You should start
making videos because it’s what you love to do and you want to scratch that
creative itch, or you just want to have a fun time in like get into something that
you love doing. People are drawn to passionate people. The love for what
you’re creating is gonna come across and the stuff that you create and people are
drawn to that, so, because you love it. I’m Ethan from CrankGameplays and on August
29th 2012, I took the leap!


  1. Ethan has inspired me in many ways, and it's so cool to see this kind of perspective on things. Sometimes you gotta take the leap!

  2. This is super cool and inspiring for me! I've been back and forth about YouTube because of work/other people's doubts, but honestly this video is super reassuring. So I'm gonna take the leap because deep down I know that's where my passion is and I don't care what other people think! It's just awesome haha! I love all the cool shots, you guys do a great job! 🙂

  3. "I'm just gonna do my own thing and do what I enjoy, and do it the best that I can do." I've always struggled with comparing myself and my work to other people and it consistently stops me from trying new things or doing what I enjoy. I'm going to follow these words and truly just try to do what I love and do it to the best of my own ability, because that's all I can do

  4. Man, I've only known Ethan and his channel for a few weeks, but he really is an inspiration. You can tell he's passionnate about what he's doing, and he's simply really fun to watch! The parts about choosing between Youtube and gymnastics, as well as comparing himself to others, is 100% relatable and is just, you know, motivating to hear about. He's seems like such a nice guy!

  5. Honestly I have been thinking about doing YouTube for a while and this really inspired me to " take the leap" and just do it. Even if I don't get a lot of subs or even a lot of people looking at this comment, I am still gonna do it as a hobby because I love gaming and talking to people. So… thanks for looking at this comment!

  6. This video is really gorgeous and well edited. You can tell that Ethan is really coming into himself and becoming a handsome young man.

  7. Omg this interview really turned out to be quite perfect ^¬^
    such a nicely framed inside into this sweet beans journey to what he has achieved already and where he's still going to lead us to..
    Wish you all the best, Ethan, thank you loads! :))

  8. Wonderful interview by Ethan and Epidemic Sound! Really captured who Ethan is, his story, and love for YouTube. This took me back to when I first started following him (about 2016/2017). 🙂 Fun to watch.

  9. I think that Ethan is so underrated. He often gets the back burner when he does collaborations with Mark. And don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Mark but I think Ethan deserves more than what he has. He is just the sweetest, most genuine, passionate, creative, talented YouTubers that I've watched in these past few years. He has so much more to improve and figuring out what he wants his channel to stand for, but we learn about ourselves each day.

    That is all. I love you, Ethan! Keep doing what you're doing!❤

    Edit: Typo, grammatical errors.

  10. Ethan in interview: Perfectly normal speaking and coherent
    Ethan on youtube: Physically and mentally cannot form a sentence

    Unus Anus

    Memento Mori

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